eFileCabinet 2016 Enterprise Access


Access and Control. Audits and Compliance.
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Introducing the upgraded eFileCabinet Enterprise Access 2016.

Tired of auditing and reviewing documents in person at your organizations’ various branches?

Worried about your office locations staying compliant?

Want to regain control of the unstructured information at your businesses’ multiple office locations?

Enterprise Access is the way.

Accessibility Has Never Been as Simple

as it is with eFileCabinet Enterprise Access

Enterprise Access allows administrators to manage multiple offices and branches from one location and with full permissions and security. Ideal for larger organizations, Enterprise Access provides satellite/remote access and control over specified content in as many of your office locations as you wish. Seamlessly integrated with our 2016 product spread, this robust add-on tool is crucial for larger organizations—or where multiple locations make reviews difficult.

Your Info Wish Is Its Command

efilecabinet-enterprise-icons-01Optimized interface

efilecabinet-enterprise-icons-04Responsive, sleek integration

efilecabinet-enterprise-icons-06Seamless customizability

efilecabinet-enterprise-icons-03Enhanced security

Customize Accessibility and Permissions in Multiple Office Locations

The sleek and responsive user permissions include administrator access for specific members of your organization, including administrator authority over content deletion, editing, previewing, and viewing for all users.

  • Access to unlimited satellite accounts
  • Free external and internal audit access to all accounts

Information, on Your Terms

efilecabinet-enterprise-icons-07View and download all files contained within clients and corporate cabinets

efilecabinet-enterprise-icons-09Users in satellite add-on locations cannot alter specified information – giving you control

efilecabinet-enterprise-icons-08Quick adjusting of all permissions upon request

efilecabinet-enterprise-icons-02Fully control satellite locations’ access to information

efilecabinet-enterprise-icons-05Control corporate access to relevant information only, which keeps other data protected from view.

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