Spend Less Time On Documents and More Time With People

With eFileCabinet, you’ll see your documents virtually file themselves, and you’ll reclaim your day to focus on what matters most—people. As an insurance agent, you work to give people peace of mind. We’re here to give you the same thing with a document management solution that does more than just keep you organized. 

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See how eFileCabinet can help you streamline and organize document filing.

Stay Compliant
& Secure

Learn how eFileCabinet helps you comply with complex filing rules and keep documents secure.

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Discover how the mobile app keeps files at your fingertips.

“The fear was that it would take us forever to integrate our current files into eFileCabinet. That simply wasn’t the case.”


Superior Organization

  • Use Zonal OCR to speed up document recognition and filing
  • Utilize pre-defined or customized templates to replicate drawer and folder structures
  • Organize files for instant search and recall
  • Learn how your files can virtually file themselves

Compliance & Security Made Easy

  • Save time with a system that moves files for you after specified time periods
  • Use role-based security to ensure only those authorized can access documents
  • Get secure client document exchange and encryption with the SecureDrawer portal
  • Design workflows for quick and secure approvals

Files at Your Fingertips

  • Access any file at any time from your computer or the secure cloud-based mobile app
  • Use advanced searching to find any document in seconds
  • Rely on eFileCabinet’s online backup service to ensure documents are always available
  • Receive automated alerts for quick notifications and approvals of new files

2 Rooms of Filing Cabinets

Cleared out by one agent

eFile Cabinet by The Numbers

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“eFileCabinet completely eliminates the need to carry files. Everyone should be using it.”



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Saved by one agent

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