Manage People Not Papers

Your human resources department has a lot of paperwork to organize and file. Sometimes it seems like you manage papers instead of people. eFileCabinet will help reverse that feeling so you can do your real job and improve employee engagement.

We Do The Small Stuff So You Don’t Have To

There are so many small tasks you have to do in human resources, but eFileCabinet can do most of them so you aren’t wasting your time.

Overwhelming Paperwork

All of your paperwork basically adds up to a limitless list of small tasks that you have to do, but eFileCabinet can do them for you.

Takes Up Too Much Room

Because there’s so much paperwork, you effectively lose all of your data when you put it away, but eFileCabinet’s search function makes everything immediately accessible.

The Law

We will assist you in keeping your documents compliant so you won’t have to worry about it again.

"HR is different in every industry, yet it’s the same in every industry. So, when you look at eFileCabinet as a way to store your data, it’s going to work no matter what industry you’re in."


"It’s actually our lifeline. For processing, managing, allocating, and communicating, we rely upon our files that are held securely within eFileCabinet. It’s been a wonderful marriage!"


File Smarter, Not Harder

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