Less Paperwork More Real Work

There is so much paperwork involved in human resource work, Sometimes it feels like you’re being paid to push papers instead of manage employees. eFileCabinet can help reclaim your workday so you can do more managing and less filing.

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Helping Human Resources Help Humans

eFileCabinet understands what your HR department is going through.

Too Much Paperwork

Sometimes there is so much paperwork that it gets in the way of you doing real work.

Storage Costs Money

You need metal filing cabinets, folders, labels, and office space to store your documents, and all of that can cost the company a lot of money.

Compliance Laws

By law, all of your paperwork has to be in compliance, and that's really hard when you have thousands of documents to process.

"We’re in eFileCabinet non-stop. It’s the primary program we utilize within this office."


"We were actually able to eliminate every single paper file that was in that paper filing room. And it’s all now done through eFileCabinet, which is now pretty much an essential function for everyday work."


Paperwork - The Obstacle To Real Work

There’s a lot of paperwork in HR. You’d like to be able to analyze your data and find ways to improve employee engagement, but instead, you’re busy trying to find a place to put that new stack of I-9 forms. eFileCabinet can take the responsibility of reading, sorting and organizing documents off of your plate. Thanks to Zonal OCR, you can teach eFileCabinet to read and organize all of your documents for you.

Paying For Documents To Collect Dust

All of your paperwork has to go somewhere, and that somewhere is usually one of the many metal filing cabinets that fill up an entire room at the office. It takes so long to find anything that you effectively can’t use any of it. The company is virtually paying these documents to collect dust. But with eFileCabinet, you can pull up any of your documents in seconds.

The Law Makes Everything Harder

If you’re in human resources, then you know how important it is to be compliant with the law. But you also know that all of the paperwork you deal with on a regular basis complicates your ability to stay compliant. eFileCabinet makes compliance simple again. With eFileCabinet, you can set up specific rules regarding permissions and eFileCabinet will add those rules to each of those documents automatically.

43% of printer costs

Reduced by one agent

35% of office supplies cost

Saved by one agent

20 total minutes of filing

Performed by one agent each week

eFile Cabinet by The Numbers

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