Your Personal Assistant Come Tax Season

As an accountant, you have many deadlines to meet, but you also have tons of paperwork slowing you down. There are papers to file, signatures to gather, and documents to create. Maybe you’d be able to do your real job if it wasn’t for all of this paperwork.

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Let Us Worry About The Paperwork

eFileCabinet can organize your documents, request signatures, and automate your workflows for you.

Get Rid Of The Filing Cabinet 

Forget the metal cabinets and keep all of your documents in one, easily-searchable place.

Gather Signatures With Ease

With eFileCabinet, you don’t have to ask anyone to sign anything because we do it for you.

Automate Your Busy Work

You can create workflows, document creation, and organization rules automatically.

"Information is available right now, we don’t have to wait for someone to find a file, it’s just there.  I don’t have to pay someone to go offsite and find something, they can focus their work on doing things that make us money."


"What’s the difference between being paper-dependent and being paperless? It’s like someone’s been in jail and just got out."


No More Searching And Organizing

With eFileCabinet, all of your documents are in one place. What used to take minutes to find now only takes seconds. And you don’t have to worry about organizing new documents. With automated filing rules that you create and our Zonal OCR eFileCabinet will read and organize your documents for you.

No More Asking For Approvals

You can teach eFileCabinet to send paperwork to different people within your company for approval. eFileCabinet will literally track down your coworkers and gather signatures for you. We’ll even send reminders so they don’t forget. This is all done safely and securely thanks to our SecureDrawer feature.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

You can set up workflow rules so eFileCabinet will automate all of your smaller tasks? We’ll auto-populate a set of documents every time you make specific types of files. We’ll organize your documents automatically when you scan them. We’ll also watch your documents as they’re passed around from employee to employee.

12% administrative costs

Saved by one agent

$10,000 of freed-up space

Saved by one agent

80 paid labor saved

Saved by one agent

eFile Cabinet by The Numbers

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