eFileCabinet 2016 FAQs

eFileCabinet Online 2016 FAQs

Q: Is there a cost to upgrade to the 2016 version?
A: No. Any current subscription customers will have access to the new 2016 interface.  Just go to app.efilecabinet.com to use the new 2016 interface.

Q: Will I need to download anything to use the 2016 version?
A: No. All current browsers support the technology used in the new interface, so you won’t have to do anything. Simply go to the website and log in.

Q: Will 2016 be available for Mac?
A: Because eFileCabinet 2016 Online can be accessed using a web browser, it will be available from a Mac.

Q: I don’t want to change and am comfortable with my current version. Can I still use my current product?
A: We understand that change can be hard, so we’ve made it so you can use both the new and the old system, with no data loss or data move required. Please note that Classic View still requires Silverlight, so compatible browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) are required.

Q: Is there still an application or icon I can install on my computer?
A: There is no need to install an out-of-browser application or icon. Simply put a shortcut on your desktop or bookmark the web page. We also have a new feature called “SideKick” that works with eFileCabinet to streamline the process of bringing files into and out of eFileCabinet programs. Learn more about SideKick.

Q: Is there a system requirement to run SideKick?
A: You will need a PC running Windows 7 or later.

Q: When will Sidekick be available for a Mac?      
A:  SideKick will be released soon in a version that runs on a Mac.

Q: We have multiple workstations that use eFileCabinet. Can each workstation have SideKick installed?
A: Yes.  Each user can install SideKick on their workstation.

Q: Do I have to use SideKick?
A: No, SideKick is an optional download. (Although we think that once you see how much easier it makes your document management, you’ll never want to be without it again!)

Q: Will version 2016 work with SecureDrawer?
A: Yes.

Q: Is this upgrade going to affect my SecureDrawer mappings?
A: No. This upgrade will not affect any of your mappings into SecureDrawer.

Q: How can I learn more about how to use 2016 products?
A: We want this to be as easy as possible for our users. Our 2016 products are more user-friendly than ever, and we have many resources available to help. You can CHAT with a member of our support team online or call them at 877-574-5505.