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Document management software solves problems with administrative processes in education

Whether you work for a small school district or large university, you understand the paper processing challenges that face educational institutions at all levels, and these challenges are why contemporary educators need Document management software: Budgets are a constant concern, storage space is at a premium and school administrators expect campus offices to function at maximum efficiency in providing timely service to staff and students.

If Smart Boards have replaced chalkboards and digital tablets have replaced novels, textbooks and notebooks, then what has replaced filing cabinets?   Answer: Electronic Document Management Systems (DMS).   Just like Smart Boards and Tablets are critical tools for success in the education industry, the right DMS is essential too! eFileCabinet is the trusted solution for thousands of education professionals nationwide.

The number one benefit of eFileCabinet is quick access and search for the document that you need. With the decrease in the amount of time it takes to find a document, it allows for greater productivity throughout the day. Paper and toner costs have decreased since we transitioned to eFC, and we are trying to get all departments to go paperless. With students and parents calling, speed and accuracy in getting them the information they are inquiring about is key. It keeps everyone calmer and more relaxed.

I believe the savings we’ve experienced in the budget have been substantial.

Why today’s educators need document management software

Can you remember the old process of finding a library book before the invention of computers and the Internet? Back in 1876, Melvil Dewey designed a library classification system with an aim to “organize all knowledge.”

Today, you will rarely see Card Catalog Boxes.   Why? Most libraries converted to  online catalogs because of the considerable amount of cost savings and efficiency.   In the past it took readers hours to find one book, but now they can find hundreds of books in seconds.   Readers, librarians, authors, and many others are better off because of an online system.

eFileCabinet Helps You Manage:

  • Salary Information

  • School Committee Meeting Minutes

  • Student Files

  • Student Transcripts

  • Standardized Tests

  • Medical Records

  • Report Cards

  • Attendance Sheets

  • Payroll for Staff

  • Yearbooks

  • Field Trips

  • Bus Schedules

  • PTA Meetings Notes

  • Lots of Other Educational Records

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Many schools, school districts, and universities still utilize an archaic method of filing. There is just too much at stake for storing thousands of documents in filing cabinets!   There are many reasons why having a paperless DMS is no longer optional—reasons such as cost, increasing the quality of teachers’ work, large data storage, and disaster recovery planning, but perhaps the most compelling reason of all is SECURITY.

One of my partners was at a conference where eFileCabinet had a display. He came home and suggested we give it a try and we have been extremely pleased. Every time we need any help, I have always been happy with your customer service and technical support. Since we are a small firm (3 CPAs and 4 staff), I am the person that keeps all the computers and scanners up and running. I am totally sure this has saved us money as we no longer use copier toner and paper to copy the documents that we scan.
Anneta Chapman, Virden, Chapman & Virden
Document Management Software for Schools

eFileCabinet is the SOLUTION to these threats! Let us help you save time, money, and headaches, as we help you to simplify processes, regain valuable work space, reduce clutter, and more! And, we understand the education industry! We have hundreds of schools, school districts, and universities who have successfully reduced their paperwork in the classroom, offices, and other departments. We know you are paper-heavy with file rooms full of documents and other data required to operate a school.

Unique document management tools for any educational level

DMS for K-12 School Districts and Charter Schools

eFileCabinet document management software provides a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use system for managing documents at your elementary, middle or high schools, charter schools, and districts. You can seamlessly integrate electronic document management with your student information, attendance, human resources and accounting processes to access and deliver digital documents whenever you need them.

Personnel Records Student Records Special Education
Curriculum & Instruction School Board PTA
Administrative Sports Programs Human Resources

DMS for Higher Education – Colleges and Universities

Universities, community colleges, technical and trade schools all benefit from the ease of use and improved student service eFileCabinet document management software brings. Implement eFileCabinet document management software  in any department, single office or campus-wide via on-premise or in the cloud to receive the benefits of the top-rated document management software for small to mid-sized organizations.

Admissions Financial Aid Residential Life Grants
Athletics Accounting Human Resources Transfers
Administrative Alumni Library Services Personnel Records
Purchasing Registrar Research Student Records

As shared services, digital learning, and online information management in universities become more prevalent, so does the case for DMS in the educational context. More specifically, document management software has the ability to treat documentation as an official sealing of information via key records management features, and that is what brings DMS to the education administration playing field.

Although many universities, colleges, and other institutions of higher learning do not invest in document management software because of restrictive budgets on resource allocation, the privatization of higher education calls for an examination of the industry in a different light—one where cost efficiency, and the treatment of students as customers seeking valuable degrees, demands streamlined processes regardless of the institution’s financial standing and/or broader economic conditions.

Rising tuition costs are becoming an issue for higher education nationwide and globally as well, but colleges and universities can differentiate themselves from their competitors by scaling back on the cost of paper dependent internal processes via document management software, freeing up room to resolve several problems as they pertain to higher education: 1) the increasing price of tuition, 2) the high attrition rates associated with the cost of education, and 3) an under-skilled workforce that has resulted in outsourcing and higher domestic unemployment rates.

Don’t put your schools or students at risk—make sure you are using the most secure, robust, and user-friendly document management software available. You won’t believe how easy it is to go paperless!

To learn how eFileCabinet document management software can help your education agency set up a document management system to increase efficiency and compliance, call us at 801-374-5505, chat with us on this page, or fill out the form to request contact from a education  efficiency expert.