Why EDMS Software Can Mitigate the Cyber Security Talent Shortage

CIO.com recently reported that enterprises are struggling to find cybersecurity talent, and the reasons for this are as manifold as they are serious: Digital information continues to proliferate at an unchecked and rapid pace, cloud adoption burgeons, and hackers continually incite fear in consumers and the businesses they serve alike. However, EDMS software is proof that their software developers can, in large part, be trusted to serve organizations with budgets that just can’t swing paychecks for six-figure-salary cyber security professionals, and here are the main reasons why:

1. EDMS Software Controls BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Security Issues

EDMS Software Mobile Apps

EDMS Software Conquers BYOD issues in several important ways: Firstly, it leverages the platforms necessary to maintain security without compromising accessibility. For instance, using an EDMS mobile application lets workers in the insurance, finance, and accounting industries securely store all the information they would normally contain in their offices, but within their mobile phones. Although putting one’s office in his or her pocket may seem risky, it’s hardly the case when the application safeguards information.

Mac-Compatible EDMS Software Adoption

Not only does a mac-compatible EDMS software lower administrative costs for IT teams, it prevents future costs of breach via the security of an EDMS software that configures with a Mac operating system. Why pay for company computers when millennials (who now comprise the bulk of the American workforce) prefer working on and bringing their own devices to the office? Mac-compatible EDMS software is the very reason the BYOD phenomenon no longer detracts from cyber security and instead lends to it.


2. EDMS Software Facilitates Secure File Sharing

An EDMS Web Portal Circumvents Breach-susceptible Email

A bank-grade AES web portal is one of the many EDMS software features that delivers the technological transubstantiation to redefine the way people work and share information. Email interchange, as most now know, is notoriously susceptible to data breach, so using any encrypted means to overcome this is safer.

However, encrypting an email prior to sending is a cumbrous, time consuming process. A better solution is to rely on a web portal that functions more like a digital vault than it does an information interchange processor such as email.

Why? Because why wrap an email in encryption and send it to the intended recipient when you can let the recipient view the specified item without ever removing it from the vault to begin with. That’s the kind of security that, in large part, negates the cyber security talent shortages plaguing enterprises today.


An EDMS Software Securely Digitizes Information for Better Collaboration

When circumventing digital breaches (and paper-based breaches, which do still exist), it’s important to remember that digitizing information is not enough to truly “go paperless.”

While an organization can technically go paperless by uploading everything to a shared drive, it doesn’t solve the efficiency and storage issues that traditional filing methods like filing cabinets represent and cause.

Rather, what’s needed is a secure, centralized repository for all an organization’s information, with regular 24-hour backup to SSAE 16 certified data centers. Otherwise the information chaos which has proliferated due to 90% of the world’s data being created within the past 2 years, will prove the ruin of organizational security—security being more akin to organization than most people realize.

When everything is in one centralized repository, workflow features inherent to an EDMS software can be leveraged within the system to securitize workplace collaboration—whether on premises or in the cloud. When secure collaboration occurs independent of email and paper dependent processes, cyber security talent may be an overshot of what’s needed for most organizations, particularly startups.