E-Signatures Expanded to IRS Forms 8878, 8879 – eFileCabinet Newsletter: March 2015

This newsletter was released to eFileCabinet’s distribution list March, 2015.


Big News – E-Signatures Expanded to IRS Forms 8878, 8879

…along with other news and highlights  from eFileCabinet.


Message from eFileCabinet CEO

eFileCabinet CEO Matt Peterson - March 2015 NewsletterWe are already well on our way into the year 2015.  This year, we are planning on not just rolling out new products to help your business become more profitable and easier to operate, but we also want to engage you more.  We are setting up a national advisory panel, putting on the first of our annual User Conferences (it will be in Las Vegas in the Fall – save the date for November 11-13th!), and ultimately coming to some of your offices to capture your stories.  Your story and your success are our focus for this year.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

— Matt Peterson, President and CEO of eFileCabinet


Big News – E-Signatures Expanded to IRS Forms 8878, 8879

The IRS is now accepting electronic signatures for forms 8878 and 8879. This is great news for eFileCabinet customers who use these tax forms! With eFileCabinet’s  eSignature service,  this means taking care of these documents come tax time will be much easier.

IRS Accepts E-Signatures for Forms 8878, 8879

The IRS requires that your electronic signature software records the following data:

  • Digital image of the signed form
  • Date and time of the signature
  • Method used to sign the form
  • Taxpayer’s computer IP address
  • Taxpayer’s software login username
  • Taxpayer’s knowledge based authentication passed results

eSignature can record and store all of that data for you, an easy and worry-free way to be compliant with IRS requirements and eliminate the paper mess that forms 8878 and 8879 create. This  webinar  explains in more detail how all of this works!


New 2015 Features

eFileCabinet has rolled out some great new features in Version 2015. Take a look  at this video  to get a quick overview of the new 2015 features and enhancements!

Improve your 2015 Business Planning

Are you having a difficult time with your 2015 business planning? This  blog post  from Salesforce aims to help business owners improve the process of planning for the future of your business.


Support Team Member Spotlight – Kristen Jensen

Kristen Jensen - eFileCabinet Support Team Member Spotlight

Kristen, who works in tech support here at eFileCabinet, has been with the company for a little more than a year now. Her favorite thing about working at eFileCabinet is the environment.

“You just have fun,” Kristen said. “We try really hard to work together as a team and support each other.”

In addition to working at eFileCabinet, Kristen’s favorite hobby is being a consultant for parties. Her favorite movie is PS I Love You, and her favorite food is Italian. The coolest thing Kristen has ever done was going on a Carnival cruise in Mexico, as well as winning state honors in orchestra while playing the violin for three years in a row at American Fork High School.

Kristen is a great addition to our Support Team and loves keeping our eFileCabinet customers happy.


How to Write an Operational Plan for Your Business

An operating plan is, as Darren Dahl puts it in  this article  for Inc., “The section of your business plan where you dig into more of the nuts and bolts of your business, areas like: production, inventory, and distribution.”

Having a solid operational plan, in addition to a business plan, is key to running a successful business. Read the article from Inc. and learn more about it,  here.


Record Sales in 2014

In 2014, eFileCabinet saw a  triple digit sales revenue growth for both its cloud and on-premise platforms. Revenue grew in excess of 108%, and the company now has over 11,000 customers and 149,000 users.

None of that would be possible without YOU – our incredibly valuable and appreciated customers. Thank you for helping us grow!


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