View your documents side-by-side with the Dual Screen Previewer. This new feature enhances the normal Rubex UI with a new way to view your documents and access your tools.

How It Works

All you need to do is switch on the dual-screen mode with the icon on the right-hand corner of the document preview. This will open up a second panel for viewing documents.

Compare Your Document Versions

When viewing a document preview you can pull up and view previous versions of the document. This is useful for comparing changes between new and old versions of the same document, pulling out information and replacing it. 

Compare Different Documents

There’s a window above the second panel that allows you to browse for a different document in your system to pull up alongside the document in the right panel.

View Documents and Use Right-Hand Toolbar

Besides having the ability to view multiple documents at the same time with the previewer, you can also use other tools while viewing a document including:

  • Profile: View documents and edit profile data without having to switch between the previewer and profile.
  • Comments: View and upload comments on a document.
  • Permissions: Create and edit user permissions.
  • Governance: Create and edit governance and retention rules for the document.
  • Automation: Create and edit automation rules for the document.
  • File Versions: View the list of versions for the document. Select a file version to open it and view it next to the current version.
  • Audit Log: View the audit history of the document including dates, users, actions, and the client application.

Talk to your account manager today about Dual Screen Previewer.