In some minds, you must pick between Google, DropBox, and eFileCabinet, but we at eFileCabinet have found and believe that a customer or business might need all three. Let’s look at some of the reasons our clients might use Google or DropBox in addition to using our product.

Drobox is great for storing unsearchable, unsecure documents, like photos, that might be public-facing. As for Google Drive, you might want to have a non-secure document worked on or collaborated within your team or company. eFileCabinet is a place you might want to modify, share, and store a document that is very private or that has a mandatory security requirement for its storage.

One major factor that truly differentiates the three companies are price and cost—and yes, price and cost can be two very different things. You might have a lower monthly price by using Google or DropBox in place of eFileCabinet, but your cost might be much greater than you know. Have you ever heard the saying, “Nothing is free”? Well, we at eFileCabinet believe it.

eFileCabinet will never change your document format while uploading or storing documents to our application, and we’ll never take your data hostage. We help our clients save documents in their native form, and will not take your data hostage like some companies do in order to give their products away for free.

Here is how all 3 of these programs can work together. If you are currently looking for a secure way to store, share, and search for your documents, but currently have all your data/documents with Google or DropBox, the transition might be easier than you know. There’s no need to transition all of your documents at once. Keep your free Google Drive and email accounts, and implement eFileCabinet for the documents you need retention or security for. This helps you keep sensitive data and documents protected without having to spend hours transitioning every single document you have stored. But once you get started with eFileCabinet, it won’t be long before you want to get all of your documents stored in one program anyways!