How it works

Solving document-centric work through Organization, Search, Collaboration, Automation, and Security.

Rubex is your robust document management system that can centralize your organization’s important documents. By giving you the ability to easily search for files, share across the organization, and automate document processes, Rubex gives you the time back to focus on the work that matters most to you, all with top notch security.


It all starts with a well organized system. Storing documents in multiple locations creates confusion and hinders productivity, and Rubex is designed to help you easily organize your information in such a way that any company document can easily be found.

Folder Structure

Provides a familiar, user-friendly view of your folder structure, with cabinets, drawers, folders, and files. It’s the folder system you know and love, so you won’t have to spend time learning a new system.


Tag your files with relevant metadata, so you can group files by topic or other relevant information. Plus, you can use metadata to make your documents more searchable, giving you more ways to find what you need.

Automatic Filing

Through workflows and document requests, Rubex ensures that files added to your repository always find their way to the right location. Simply submit a document request, and once the person submits their documents it goes where it’s supposed to.


Working with coworkers, including ones in different departments, is important and demands that everyone be informed and have the right information to contribute to the work. Rubex comes with a suite of features to ensure that sharing, sending, reviewing, and co-editing documents is easier than ever.

Document Requests/Sharing

Share files directly from Rubex, via a secured link. From Rubex, you can manage permissions so that the person you share your information with has the right access to get their work done.

Stakeholder Collaboration

Request/Send files, route documents to the right people for approval, and review information easily. Rubex makes it easy to get what you need, as well as sign/review key information. Plus, Rubex comes standard with the ability to comment on, annotate, redact, and append/prepend information to existing documents.

Microsoft 365® integration

 Collaborate in real time via that integration with Microsoft 365® Business. With just a click you can work together on documents at the same time without needing to check the document in/out.


To maximize productivity, it’s important to streamline and automate every process you can, especially those that are repetitive or manual. A lot of document work, especially for back office teams, is quite repetitive and is replicated many times over. Fortunately, Rubex has powerful automation capabilities designed to take your manual processes and automate them from start to finish, freeing up a significant amount of time for you to focus on more important initiatives.

No-Code Workflow

Rubex has robust workflow capabilities, with a suite of actions that can be automated, including document routing, folder creation, and approval requests. Workflows are customizable and don’t require coding or IT to design and execute.

Folder Templates

How much time have you spent putting together new client or employee folders, with subfolders and standard documents? Folder templates automates the process of creating the necessary folders and subfolders, so it gets done in a fraction of the time.

Automated Data Extraction

Zonal OCR allows Rubex to extract the data from any uploaded document, automating the collection of metadata and allowing for better searching and more options for workflow.

Access, Governance, and Retention

Rubex’s workflows can automatically route documents where they need to go, but it can also automatically set access control policies on documents and folders upon creation, so only authorized users can access certain documents. Plus, governance and retention rules can be automatically applied, ensuring compliance with disposal regulations so you don’t have to handle it manually.

Security & Governance

Compliance can’t be an afterthought, and security plays a huge role. With the increasing amount of online threats, it’s important to keep your information safe and secure. We know that, and we make sure that Rubex is as safe as possible, featuring bank level encryption, access controls and governance, two-factor authentication, and customizable password requirements. And, it’s all backed up by our certifications, such as SOC 2 Type-II, CSA Star L1, and FINRA, so you don’t have to take just our word for it.

Customize Your Security

Rubex administrators have many options for ensuring things are as secure as possible, from password requirements, 2FA for logging in, restricting IP addresses, and more.

Access and Governance

It’s important that the proper access is set for all content, even for employees with the proper access. Access controls can be set at various levels, from administrator rights to view-only to downloading privileges.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

We’ve put in the work to earn our certifications, including SOC 2 Type-II, CSA Star L1, ISO 27001, and FINRA, so you can trust that Rubex is equipped with the tools you need to keep your information as safe as possible.

Awards and Reviews

Flexible, yet sophisticated document management solution

What do you like best?
We love the flexibility of eFileCabinet’s Rubex software. We’re using it for a specific use case, but we can see the applications where it could add value throughout the company. The training and in-app Help resources have been really fantastic, so we’re able to hit the ground running. Very happy with this decision.

What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you?
We’re using eFileCabinet to manage our employee files electronically. We were previously working with our HR partner to manage these, but we’ve been able to take over that process internally and it’s gone quite smoothly. We really love the eSignature capabilities so that we can send out packets, get signatures, and automatically have the document filed in the correct place. No more emails back and forth, paper copies, or manually uploading a bunch of separate documents.

-Kathy K., Payroll & Benefits Specialist, Mid-Market

Alfresco Enterprise Alternative

We needed a modern, robust, cloud-based document management system for long term digital archiving. Overall eFileCabinet has served our needs very well.

The conversion team saved us from an aging system that we needed to abandon. The Cloud Server being the same cost as an on premises server was a great incentive for choosing eFileCabinet. The Cabinet -> Folder structure is easy to understand and navigate. The ability to share large files with users outside of our organization easily has also been a boon.

Reason for Switching to eFileCabinet
The conversion team at eFileCabinet REALLY bailed us out of a jam. Our 160 year old higher education institution relied on an ancient Alfresco Enterprise server for archiving old scans of digital transcripts and the like. With a long expired support contract, getting any assistance with the very finicky and old Alfresco software that relies on Flash Player was next to impossible. Renewing the contract was several times more costly than moving all of our archives to eFileCabinet.

-Adam Y., IT Coordinator, Higher Education