Document Management Workflow Software

How confident are you in your ability to efficiently manage the workflow in your organization? One thing is for sure: the volume of documents only increases over time, making effective document workflow management even more of a challenge. The problem is exacerbated in growing companies where the flood of documents never seems to stop and the workflow processes always become more complicated. This is when a robust document workflow software system can be your biggest ally.

Enjoy the Advantages of Workflow Document Management Software

eFileCabinet offers a state-of-the-art document management and workflow software solution that can streamline and simplify your business’s entire document workflow process. Our document workflow software product makes storing and transferring documents across multiple files a fast and easy process. Your users will have the ability to upload files to a secure cloud database, enabling more efficient workflow management. Uploaded business documents are stored in a centralized location for easy accessibility by authorized users. And eFileCabinet is very easy to learn and use.

How Does Document Workflow Management Work?

With document workflow software management, users can upload and produce business documents within a specific process. Input documents can also be attached to a case and sent from one authorized user to another as needed. Users can even download input documents for review and/or editing, and then upload the edited documents to the same or different case. Users can also quickly and easily produce output documents by taking existing case information and adding data to a template for distribution as a Word document or PDF. eFileCabinet really makes document management processes that easy.

Improve File Organization

By improving document management and workflow, our software solution provides enhanced file organization capabilities. Files will be stored in folders and subfolders within a process, making it fast and easy to locate all relevant data. Users also have the ability to view documents and data associated with specific cases and even download or upload additional documents without negatively impacting file organization.

Automate Busywork

Our intuitive workflow and document management solution offers the benefit of automation. Routine tasks can be routed appropriately by designing specific “if/then” processes. This can save your staff members and other users a substantial amount of time managing documents that could otherwise be applied to more productive activities. The progress of each task is tracked automatically, and users receive automated alerts of upcoming deadlines. These automated processes can be scaled to the needs of your organization, regardless of size or scope.

Increases Staff Efficiency

By automating specified business processes, a workflow and document management system allows work to be shared more efficiently between staff members in any industry. For instance, once a worker has completed a task, he or she will automatically receive the next task, which will help you eliminate unproductive down time. The workload will also be distributed more evenly among staff members, preventing team members from becoming overloaded with tasks. Workers will also be assigned tasks that match their skill level, ensuring the best possible outcome for every project.

Experience a Higher Level of Customer Service

If you’re still relying on a paper-based document workflow management processes, you’re probably doing a disservice to your customer base. Paper documents have a way of disappearing during the workflow, or they simply don’t end up in the right place. This makes it more difficult to find the information that a customer has requested or needs in a timely manner. When you implement an automated document management work flow solution, these problems rapidly become nonexistent.

You’ll Save Money

An inefficient document workflow management system can cost your organization a ton of money in terms of lost productivity and loss of business due to low customer satisfaction. If you’re still using a paper-based process, your expenses associated with excessive document handling are also needlessly high. By streamlining and automating your workflow management procedures, our software solution can prevent you from wasting money. This will lead to a much healthier bottom line.