Document Storage Systems: Taken to the Next Level with eFileCabinet

To meet the growing demands of today’s paper-heavy industries, eFileCabinet has created document storage and management systems that provides the solutions businesses need. There are many document storage systems on the market today, but document storage alone does not adequately meet businesses file management needs. What sets eFileCabinet apart from the many of the other paperless document storage products out there, is that eFileCabinet products are not just document storage solutions, they are document storage and management systems. Document storage is only half the equation for eFileCabinet. The ability to logically organize, share, sync, and retrieve documents, while staying within regulatory standards, is a true document management system.

Document Management Systems Vs. Document Storage

eFileCabinet’s document management systems expand greatly upon simple document storage system options. eFileCabinet stores documents, but that is just the beginning. Our products also come with features that provide time and space saving solutions that give today’s businesses the edge they need to be efficient and competitive. Below are some of eFileCabinet’s features that elevate it to a true document management system:

Indexing and OCR

Indexing files enables every work in them to be text searchable. The technology that makes this possible is Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and makes search for and retrieving documents extremely easy and hassle free.

Security Features

Many of eFileCabinet’s customers are businesses and individuals who deal heavily with confidential and sensitive information. Because of this, we take security, privacy, and industry compliance very seriously, and do not compromise data security for the convenience of instant access and sharing. eFileCabinet uses 256 bit encryption to protect data while being transmitted and stored. 256 bit encryption is highly secure, about 2000 times more secure than many banking websites who use 128 bit encryption. We also use SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption, a security protocol which protects confidential information sent between a web client and a server. The servers that eFileCabinet stores data on are SAS (statement on auditing standards) 70 Type II certified, meaning that our network infrastructure and security has been able to meet rigorous privacy and security standards set by organizations like HIPAA, FINRA, and the SEC.

File Sharing

eFileCabinet’s client portal, used for sharing documents, is SecureDrawer. SecureDrawer removes the need for FedEx, UPS, FTP, email, faxes and personally driving to deliver sensitive files. SecureDrawer allows you to share & send confidential files securely over the internet to your peers, partners, or clients, and the receiver just has to log in with a user name and password to download the documents you share. It’s fast, reliable, safe, and allows sending files approximately 100 times larger than email attachments.
Share, send and access files and documents 24/7 for you and your clients. You can send secure webmail, pictures, PDF’s, Word documents, even movies. With available tracking notification, a simple user interface, you can also custom brand the service with your business logo and colors.


Just click on the eSignature button on the menu within eFileCabinet to initiate a digital signature request. Not only are signatures easy to request, signed files and documents are then automatically received and filed within the folder you designate. With digital signatures, you can provide legally binding digital signatures with bank-level security more easily than ever.

CSV Export

CSV export is an easy to use way to export all of your profile data into one simple-to-access Excel spreadsheet.

Active Directory Syncing

Allows you to quickly and easily import users and groups from a Windows domain; provides and verifies user credentials.

Advanced Workflow Integration

eFileCabinet’s Workflow module enables you to efficiently create a process for individuals and departments to make decisions quickly, and manage the flow of documents from one individual to the next seamlessly. With workflows you can get approvals and decisions without moving out of your chair. Automatic routing ensures that the authorized individuals are able to edit a document appropriately and in the correct order. Also, there are notification and auditing functionality to quickly see what changes have occurred in a file.

Web Portal Capabilities

With just a button on the menu bar for SecureDrawer, you can send documents and files out of eFileCabinet to any customer or partner via a secure web portal. Utilize the simplified integration sharing service and upload files and folders to your SecureDrawer account right from eFileCabinet, and receive files back from customers through the same service.