Document Processing for Insurance Providers

Streamlined document-centric work so you can focus on a customer-first strategy.

Centralized Information Access for Everyone

Provide access to policy information, supporting documents, claims requests, insurance letters, etc. for stakeholders in one location.

Produce Results in Record Time

Get back more time to focus on your customers’ needs by automating labor-intensive document processes like claims processing, policy creation and underwriting.

Increase Accuracy Without Sacrificing Speed

Accelerate the speed that you produce accurate document-related work through error-free automated processes.

Eliminate tedious document-related work so you can create an exceptional customer experience that will boost retention and sustain growth across your organization.

Rapid Document Findability & Streamlined Information Access

Rubex’s full-text search capabilities power lightning-fast findability so you can refer to any document the moment you need it. And with Rubex’s integration with your SDK, your data doesn’t need to be distributed across multiple systems and platforms. Everything you need is in one centralized location.

Rubex never sacrifices security for convenience—you can have both.

Customizable Automated Workflows

Rubex provides you with the infrastructure to automate all of your document processes. Its automated workflows are completely customizable to you and your business’s needs. Create steps for each document type to follow with steps such as:

  • Request for eSignature
  • Request for documents
  • Route documents based on information within the document
  • Approve/deny documents with a single click

Usable Information From Your Docs

Rubex enables automated data extraction from your documents with Zonal OCR. Rubex recognizes the information and uses it as metadata that can streamline a number of organizational and repetitive document processes such as applications, claims, and policy changes.

Benefit your employees. Benefit your customers. Benefit your business.