Throughout modern history, businesses and individuals alike have had to keep good documentation. Previous to current technology, document management was a laborious and intense process. Documents had to be created by hand and stored in physical space that businesses would then have to pay for. The evolution of document management has improved business practices all over the world.


Early Document Management

In the early days of document management, businesses and individuals had to keep all their files in filing cabinets. This allows for files to be stored in an understandable system. However, the system became cumbersome, due to the huge amount of space that was used. Large companies would have entire rooms or whole storage areas full of boxes and filing cabinets for all of their paperwork.

This was extremely inefficient. Each file that came in needed to be filed, costing the business resources and time. On top of that, if a file ever needed to be accessed, the company would have to spend more time, energy, and resources trying to find it. Sometimes this could take hours, and it too often ended in futility.

The physical copies of the documents was difficult to deal with. There were a number of problems that companies faced in regards to the files they kept. These files could be stolen or misplaced. On top of this, there was the threat of disaster such as a flood or fire. These tragedies would eliminate all documentation, making true document management impossible.


1980s Brings Digital Document Management

In the 1980s, computers were becoming available to companies. Along with the computers, businesses could get document management storage, which would allow them to start keeping important files on the computer. These early document management options weren’t perfect. They were linked to the specific computer used. Other employees would not be able to access the files once they were added to the computer. In addition, getting the files onto the computers was a bulky and frustrating process. However, these ancestors of today’s document management options got us to where we are today.


Current Document Management

Today, there are a number of options when it comes to document management. Luckily, these systems are much more user-friendly. Adding files to your document management system is quick and easy. The system allows you to search for files in practically no time at all. Because of this, more and more companies are losing the filing cabinets and moving toward electronic systems.

This is saving money for these companies. Not only do they no longer need to spend extra money on storage space, they also don’t have to worry about employees wasting time trying to find documents. The time and money saved easily adds up to thousands of dollars each year, even for small companies.

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