Your job certainly takes you places. Whether it’s a quick road trip for a conference or a cross-country plane ride to meet a new client face-to-face, your work needs to be as mobile as you are. That work includes important documents essential to getting deals done, but there needs to be a better way than a carry-on briefcase stuffed with half a filing cabinet of folders and documents. People lose things during travel every day. Losing a case of physical documents, especially ones that need to remain confidential, could be disastrous for you and your business.

It’s the 21st Century and we can access our documents digitally, but we also need certain functionality and security when it comes to these important business documents. Carrying them on a USB flash drive is convenient, but these are also prone to get lost during travel. Access through the cloud is preferred but needs to be over a secured connection. That’s why eFileCabinet is ready to hit the road and brings you your documents when you need them.

Mobile, Cloud Access

Rubex by eFileCabinet is a cloud-based document management solution that allows you to log in from any computer and internet browser. But Rubex is anything but an open book – eFileCabinet built its system with security and privacy as a priority.

All document transfers between server and computer are protected with bank-level encryption. Besides encryption, Rubex contains a suite of customizable security settings, so you can take as many precautions as necessary to secure your documents on the road. Security policies that can help you secure documents on the road include only being able to log into the system at certain times of the day. You can also institute a trusted IP-address policy, which only allows you to access the system through designated IP addresses. You can use this feature to make it so the system is only accessible at your client’s IP address, or make it so you need to log in with a trusted VPN with a static IP address. 

The mobile application also has a unique security feature built-in. If your smartphone has a fingerprint reader, you can set biometric authentication in order to login. 

Conduct Business on the Smartphone

Once you’re assured that your documents are safe and sound on the cloud, you may wonder what you can get done with your documents on your smartphone. The eFileCabinet mobile application has two special features you can’t do on the computer interface. 

Say you need to present a contract to a client or partner during the trip, and with their approval, you need to collect their signature. Instead of printing out the contract, having them sign it, and then scanning it back into the system, just have them sign on the phone. The eFileCabinet application gives you the ability to sign directly onto the document using the touchscreen interface. No pencil required.

Let’s say you’re given an important document you need to take back with you to the office. Instead of carrying it back with you, the eFileCabinet app allows you to upload the physical document instantly, using your smartphone’s camera. Just align the camera with the document on a flat surface and snap the photo. The document is processed and uploaded to the system as if you had scanned it. It’s faster than couriering a copy of the document since your coworkers back at the office will have instant access to it.

Imagine being able to travel with your entire filing cabinet within your pocket, and your documents being as secure as they would be back at the office. To learn more about Rubex and the eFileCabinet mobile app, fill out the form below for a personalized demo.