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Saving AutoCAD Files in eFileCabinet

This video highlights how AutoCAD files can be saved or brought into eFileCabinet. Specifically, they can be brought into eFileCabinet individually or in mass through the Store button in eFileCabinet. They can also be brought in through Drag and Drop. In addition, an AutoCAD file can be printed to the eFileCabinet virtual print Driver. This will convert the AutoCAD drawing into a PDF for sharing with clients or vendors. The PDF version will have a preview function available inside of eFileCabinet.

Both the PDF version and .dwg AutoCAD file can function inside of eFileCabinet with the same capabilities. When an AutoCAD file is opened or “checked out” from eFileCabinet, all changes are saved into eFileCabinet when the file is checked back in; you then have the options of overwriting the original file or saving various versions of the file.


Configuring AutoCAD Drawings in eFileCabinet

Additionally, comments, alerts, retention, and security settings can be applied to the AutoCAD drawings. They can also be saved, printed, emailed, or shared through eFileCabinet’s secure client portal, Secure Drawer.

If you’d like to learn more about using eFileCabinet’s document management system to manage your AutoCAD files, please fill out the form on this page to request a demo.