Why eFileCabinet is A+ Rated by BBB As a Document Management Vendor

Customer service and technology are imperatives in today’s market, especially when it comes to document management solution vendors and the technology they sell to organizations.

We believe any document management vendor worth your time should have this accreditation, as use of a document management solution itself makes earning BBB Accreditation easier for businesses in an array of industries.

As a recipient of an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB), eFileCabinet has proven it tends to customers and makes a “good faith effort” to resolve, rather than suppress, any consumer complaints that may arise. This value is inherent to any organization that has received the BBB accreditation, and it can be made attainable by any business that chooses to go paperless.

However, Better Business Bureau accreditation means more for enterprise-grade technology vendors—particularly those selling document management solutions, and here’s why:

3. It’s Comparatively Difficult for a Document Management Solution Vendor to Get BBB Accreditation

The Code of Business Practices establishes an organization worthy of its designation if it “represents sound advertising, selling and customer service practices that enhance customer trust and confidence in business.”

Doing so is much easier for a vendor selling a simple solution. However, when it comes to complex solutions such as enterprise content management (ECM) or document management solutions (DMS), abiding by these standards becomes a bit more difficult—even with the simplest of user interfaces to work with.

So, when a business with a complex solution or product attains BBB Accreditation, it’s to be marveled.

2. A BBB Accredited DMS Vendor Makes BBB Accreditation Easy for Other Businesses

A good document management solution helps businesses and organizations in a variety of different industries go paperless, streamline operational processes, and positively impact bottom line.

The freed up time this creates for organizations relying on this technology enables them to better tend to customers and resolve any issues they may experience, and in a timely manner. One needn’t look further than document management solution testimonials to see this is true.

Better yet, the costs of noncompliance in many industries, such as accounting, insurance, financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing make use of a document management solution a best practice by default, as these systems have built-in security to simplify compliance, and, therefore, consumers’ information security—a key tenet of obtaining BBB Accreditation.

1. Once a Company has BBB Accreditation, It Can be Revoked

The downfall of Wells Fargo and loss of its BBB Accreditation is proof this is the case. The bank now has a rating of C- from the bureau, and will likely never re-earn its accreditation.

Companies that do not go paperless through a document management solution make keeping track of processes more difficult. To the best of our knowledge—most Wells Fargo activity occurred in a digital context, but they did not have a solution in place to make accountability and clarity of processes apparent to auditors. Thus, the fraudulent activity was more difficult to trace, and therefore ran more rampantly (and negatively) through the lives of Wells Fargo customers.

That’s not to say that companies can’t receive accreditation if they aren’t paperless, but it would sure be a lot easier to receive accreditation with the simplification a paperless office brings to the world of work. Paperless offices, in fact, can arguably save the world’s workforce, especially if delivered via a document management solution.

If Wells Fargo had used a paperless document management solution, perhaps a moral executive at Wells Fargo (such as the organization’s new CEO, Timothy Sloan), could’ve been able to trace what was happening before it became an incorrigible issue destroying the organization’s credibility and reputation.

To learn more about going paperless through a document management solution, and perhaps even simplifying the process of earning a BBB Accreditation for your organization, visit our product page.