Did you know document management software makes it easier than ever for workers to partake in the greatest team-building exercise known to humankind?

It’s a team-building exercise our species has enjoyed since its inception—campfires. Although their primal purposes have been replaced by the thermostat, they still serve a communal purpose in society. However, document management software legitimizes the campfire as a corporate team-building exercise.

If all goes as planned, it’ll work out better for you and your team than it did for the Dunder Mifflin team in the famous episode of The Office, Beach Day.

Everyone loves a good summer campfire, but these campfires become even better when they are made possible with outdated office equipment that’s held the team back for far too long (office equipment you’ll no longer need after implementing document management software).

After you take your office completely digital with eFileCabinet, be sure to have these items on hand before orchestrating your outing for a team-building summer campfire:

  • Paper Documents You No Longer Need

You’re going to need a truck to haul all of this, because you don’t need 90% of the remnant paper documents in your office after you’ve scanned them in to your document management software.

These will be the fuel for the fire that burns office inefficiency, risks of noncompliance, and wasted time, sending it all up in a plume of glorious smoke. Feel free to assemble this with any other campfire fodder that will keep the fire burning.

  • Filing Cabinets: Your DIY (Do it Yourself) Fire Pit

Filing cabinets will be especially helpful if you find an existing campsite with a weak or nonexistent fire pit structure, as they can be make-shifted to have their drawers removed so the frames contain the embers of the fire you and your coworkers build.

Do note, however, that the filing cabinets that will work best for the company fireside are those with as little paint as possible (preferably no paint), and as much wood as possible. No, burning paint does not smell good. Bring as many coworkers as possible so you can circumscribe the fire at a greater distance from the flames.

  • Lighter Fluid and Matches

Burn useless paper irreverently, but responsibly, please.

After implementing document management software and getting all the nuts and bolts of the campfire in place, you’ll be able to use the paper in your office to stoke the flames of the campfire, the filing cabinets to contain the embers, and the software replacing these items to mark the beginning of better business processes.

Once you’re all congregated, there are many different things you could discuss as a team-building exercise.

Making a Pact to End Inefficiency with Document Management Software

Forget summer office parties—nighttime retreats to a campfire are better team-building activities than they’ve ever been given credit for, and they produce powerful feelings of nostalgia and a sense of who we’re becoming as we sit there and dream it all up as evening falls while the smoke rises.

Awkward summer office parties pale in comparison to this.

Traditional office equipment has become so outdated that it should be the sustaining force of any companywide campfire retreat.

If you’re going to pay tribute to a better world of work—one in which you can actually grow your professional skills instead of rummaging through filing cabinets and folders of paper, you should make a fireside pact with your coworkers to ensure throughput continuity and never revert back to the old way of doing things.

Keeping each other accountable with document management software is worth discussing at such a team-building exercise, as the technology makes accountability possible.

Discussing the Machine, the Ghost, and The Limits of Human Organization

Campfires and team-building activities are incomplete without great stories and tall tales. Even if none of the coworkers involved in the burning of useless paper documentation never says a thing, the act of burning the useless documents holds implied and symbolic meaning.

The Machine: Document Management Software

The first bit of symbolic meaning in company-wide campfires involves understanding the power of the machine—which, in this instance, is the selected document management software.

Document management software is the machine that subtracts your paper, but adds the equivalent of 10 extra hands inside your computer, all working to get boring document tasks completed for you so you can focus on what matters—retaining clients, honing your skill set, and reinventing whatever wheel you care to spin.

Machination is a staple of modern success, and it is only right that all workers make it their own so they can reach their fullest potential.

Although letting go of outdated processes is uncomfortable, it is always worthwhile, and burning items we are striving to no longer depend on (paper documents), signifies a commitment to becoming better, no matter how uncomfortable it may initially feel.

Just remember that too much comfort can ruin one’s life, and it’ll be easier to take this very important leap of faith.

The Ghost: Inefficient Office Processes

There is something as emblematic as it is cathartic about burning things to which we must say goodbye. Whether photographs of an ex or documented memories we’d like to forget, burning them by a campfire seems to evaporate not just the physical substance of the burned items, but also the pain that once came with them.

We needn’t be haunted by the inefficiencies that once plagued our professional growth, and in burning our paper documents at a companywide fireside, we make paper-based documentation a ghost of who we once were as professionals—shackles and chains around our feet holding us back from our true professional development and potential.

The Limits of Human Organization

Computing will never replace human thought; even the founder of computer science, Alan Turing, said it himself.

However, computing has already replaced human organization, and document management software is the most demonstrable proof of this statement given its extraordinary organizational power.

It can store, retrieve, and remember the smallest document details with precision as delicate as it is elegant—all with the brio and brilliance of photographic memory extended beyond human capabilities.

When all is said and done, every summertime office retreat needs a not-so-creepy séance to set the tone for a better tomorrow.

And, upon dousing the flames at you and your coworkers’ feet, you will know warmth in extinguished flame.