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eFileCabinet is the platform for document management revolution.

Transform the way your documents are managed and stored with eFileCabinet.

The business world is rapidly evolving, with new technology and software available daily to make your company’s operations more streamlined and effective. Even with all these solutions, we often see one aspect of business that’s still stuck in the Stone Age — document storage and management.

Your office walls are probably lined with rows of bulky filing cabinets, which aren’t secure or efficient. Finding a specific document can waste valuable time if it wasn’t filed in the correct spot. Sensitive business information is exposed to theft and damage when you store your documents in a filing cabinet in your office. Doing business this way just doesn’t make sense.

Bring your document storage and management into the modern age with a digital solution.We decided to look into a document management system to bring our firm into the future. Document storage has always been very space intensive, and using a document management system would enable us to go digital and reduce our storage needs, as well as decrease the time spent searching for older documents. eFileCabinet has been beneficial and allowed us to be more productive while expending less time on tasks. It definitely cuts down the aggravation of searching through extensive paper documents to find a single page. Additionally, we have been able to decrease paper costs by storing certain documents electronically rather than in hard copy form.eFileCabinet is ideal for:

Human Resources


Financial Services

Cemeteries and Funeral Homes

Construction Companies

K-12 Schools and Higher Education

Small Government (Towns, Cities, and Counties)

Retail Stores

Oil & Gas

Property Management


Public Housing

Any Other Paper-Heavy Industry!

Document Management Software IndustrieseFileCabinet has built a modern, efficient, and affordable Document Management System which will save your company thousands of hours and dollars a year.

A Simple Solution for Complex Problems

eFileCabinet began as an in-house software solution designed by James Blaylock to handle his own accounting firm’s document management needs. Blaylock realized the potential of his software to assist other accounting firms in securing and streamlining document management and storage. In 2001, Blaylock founded eFileCabinet to further market his software to other accounting firms. As the software grew in popularity, Blaylock recognized its capability to serve other markets, and eFileCabinet has since expanded to support dozens  of separate industries.With eFileCabinet, we have had the ability to search documents for keywords and are able to quickly access stored files on any company computer. This saves about 20 hours a month when going back to previously scanned records for information. Property Manager Document Management System Software DMSKeep your documents secure — no questions asked

Document security is very important, especially in an age where we hear about security breaches at banks and retailers almost weekly. eFileCabinet provides a secure environment for document storage so you don’t have to worry about losing any sensitive information.

Implement quickly

We know you need solutions to your problems quickly. That’s why we’ve made eFileCabinet incredibly easy to both implement and use. eFileCabinet will merge effectively with your company’s current processes. With eFileCabinet implemented, the amount of time you spend sharing, creating, or searching for documents will be drastically reduced, giving you more time to focus on the other aspects of your business that need attention.Call us at 801-374-5505, chat with us on this page, or fill out the form above to have one of our business efficiency experts contact you about how to  go paperless and use our document management software to improve your business, whatever industry you’re in.