What makes eFileCabinet the best document management system (DMS) for  the accounting industry?

eFileCabinet is a DMS designed by an accountant with the specific needs of accountants in mind. Don’t get stuck with a DMS that thrown into a tax program as an afterthought.

Ours is the only major DMS in the tax industry that is not tied to a tax program. In fact, all of our accounting customers use different tax programs.

Your files aren’t trapped forever in our DMS. When you purchase a DMS solution with a particular tax program,  it will only work with that tax program. What happens if you change tax programs? Your files are locked into their DMS.

eFileCabinet isn’t just for servicing your clients. Maximize the power of eFileCabinet and utilize it to capture, manage, and protect all documents related to your practice: A/P, payroll, personnel records, and more.

Our document management solution is now integrated with QuickBooks.That’s right. eFileCabinet is now even more powerful.