Document Management Service (DMS) Cost Savings

Document Management Service (DMS) Cost Savings

Are you looking to save money for your business? There are several ways you can go about saving money, but one of the best and easiest ways is to use file management software. This software allows you to save money in a number of ways. No matter what type of business you have, file management software is a crucial piece to cost savings. By using a paperless management system, you can save on the cost of storage, printing, postage, labor, time, and more.

Cost of Storage

Using a paperless system eliminates the need for storage rooms and physical filing cabinets, allowing you to fill expensive office space with workers and equipment that actively bring value to your organization. Not only will you save money on the physical costs to maintain and store documents, but you will save on the cost of labor needed to manage the physical storage of documents, saving time and freeing up your employees to do other revenue generating projects.

Cost to Print and Copy

The cost of toner, paper, carbon copies, and copy machine and printer maintenance can add up quickly, but is often unnoticed and simply accepted as an unavoidable part of running a business. These expenses though, are no longer necessary. By eliminating the need for things like making multiple copies of a single document and printing every document, you will save substantially in time as well as the physical costs. There is also a labor cost associated with these tasks that can be saved and allocated to revenue generating projects.

Cost in Labor

With electronic management, the cost associated with filing, searching and maintaining a physical structure is eliminated. How much time does your company lose in man hours searching for lost or misplaced documents? What about deals lost or sacrificed because documents were filed improperly or lost? In a Document Managment System all documents can be accessed by all the authorized individuals in an organization no matter where they are located. No need to email, Fed-Ex or fax sensitive documents back and forth and trying to keep track of who has what version and adding corrections and additions to the document. In a DMS all files are accessible from any location over the web, and you can even access through mobile smart devices.

Business Efficiency

Task can be completed faster and in a timely manner through workflows, which can be optimized to optimize efficiency. With automated workflows, files can be instantly passed to the right people, in the right order, for a specific action, and all with a secure portal that is industry compliant. Workflows can also lead to quicker payments from customers, lower purchasing costs from your vendors.


Documents can be locked down and permissions given to the appropriate individuals and departments through Role Based Securities. When an employee is terminated permissions can be immediately changed and locked out. No need to rekey cabinets and offices to protect your valuable data. Permissions can also be applied to individual documents within a cabinet or drawer for individuals or departments. They can be changed quickly and intuitively, with minimal notice, as the situation dictates.

Disaster Recovery

Electronic document management is perhaps the single most valuable measure to take in protecting your information. With eFileCabinet’s DMS, all of your documents can be located off premise and backed up to geographical safe zones. No need to worry about an onsite theft, natural disaster, fire, flood or whatever worst case scenario you can imagine. No need to have special disaster recovery options for your paper archives and physical file system.

A DSM can add dollars to your bottom line, increase employee efficiency, increase customer and employee satisfaction. eFileCabinet can help you free up resources to grow your business and increase profits by reducing your cost to maintain and manage physical document. To see how eFileCabinet can work for you, fill out the form on this page to have one of our experts contact you for a free demo.