Document Management ROI: In the Customers’ Own Words

When it comes to small business, oftentimes the best way to turn a profit is by making your operations more efficient, and these statistics on document management ROI (return on investment) are proof of this.

Although a great product release, merger, or buyout can change the direction of a company for the better, smaller businesses should set the stage for such scenarios by optimizing their operations through document management solutions. Just check out what eFileCabinet customers have reported about the benefits of our software, and in their own words.

Document Management ROI Step 1: The Total Savings Roundup

With eFileCabinet:

Lori Wurzel of NC Financial Group/Straxclinic Inc. saves $19,875 annually.

Carlene Patterson of Ascension Financial Group saves $4,600 each year.

Jonathan Felt of UST Manufacturing LLC saves $6,000 monthly.

Alexis Benne of Youth & Family Services kept administrative costs below 12%.

David E Soto of SOTO Property Solutions reduced printer costs by 43% and office supply cost by 35%.

Gloria Hill of Hill & Associates Inc. saved what would have been $10,000 in ten years’ rent for office space.

Gloria Hill of Hill & Associates Inc. has saved over $70,000 since using eFileCabinet.

Document Management ROI Step 2: The Storage Space Savings Roundup

With eFileCabinet:

Larry Boyd of Oak Bridge Financial saves $10,000 annually in freed up space.

Deanna Hancock of DMH Contract Nursing Services dislodged 60% of her storage space held by paper

Carlene Patterson of Ascension Financial Group removed 5 filing cabinets from her office.

Chris Beebe of Raleigh General Hospital removed twelve 5-drawer, 3-feet wide filing cabinets from his hospital.

Alexis Benne of Youth & Family Services removed sixty 4-drawer filing cabinets from her office.

Mike Broome of North Carolina Mutual Drug Wholesale removed two 100-foot long storage shelves from his office.

Corey Kendall of DON Services, Inc. regained 700 square feet in her work space.

Patrick Ballard of Ballard & Company eliminated 17 filing cabinets from his office.

Document Management ROI Step 3: The Labor Reduction Roundup

With eFileCabinet:

Deanna Hancock subtracted as many as 20 steps from her workflow process.

Jonathan Felt of UST Manufacturing LLC saves 80 hours of paid labor per week.

Deanna Hancock of DMH Contract Nursing Services recoups 20% more in billing through quick, accurate documenting.

Ryan Utecht of New York Life Insurance Company spends under 20 minutes per week finding and filing appropriate items.

Undeniably, eFileCabinet can help your organization achieve similar feats, whether you’re in the healthcare, insurance, financial services, manufacturing, accounting, technology, construction, property management, or real estate industries. We are here to improve your document management ROI, so get rid of those outdated filing cabinets and experience total organization, automation, and security of your internal processes.

Visit our homepage today to find out why.

What facts and figures can eFileCabinet bring to your organization?

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