With the ever-increasing number of choices for HR tech solutions, it can be challenging to know what combination will offer the most value to your team. While certain systems are key to streamlining specific HR processes, a document management system (DMS) can be foundational to unifying your various tech solutions, creating an effective HR tech stack.

HR Needs Technology More Than Ever

HR professionals are tasked with a wide range of responsibilities. Constant behind the scenes work is a barrier to achieving their primary goal of attracting and retaining top talent.

Typical HR duties (from onboarding to performance management and more) often come with paper-heavy processes. To stay on top of their work, many HR professionals turn to technology for each of these processes. Some HRIS solutions claim to be built for every facet of HR, but they rarely can effectively serve every routine process. 

What is Rubex’s Role in an HR Tech Stack?

While HR professionals attempt to juggle their various tech solutions, they often miss out on the benefits that a DMS can provide to them. Rubex, an intuitive DMS, integrates with your HRIS, ATS, Performance Management software and more. Your team will have a centralized database that connects the information from each platform and makes it accessible in a single location.

Here are some of the best ways that Rubex can be the foundation of your HR tech stack so you can work more efficiently than ever before.

Missing Item Search

Does each personnel folder contain every required document? Rubex will check your employee folders to ensure that all the required documentation has been submitted across all platforms. You won’t have to double or triple check ever again.

Full Text Search

Instead of opening up each HR application because you forgot where you filed a missing document, Rubex’s full text search capabilities makes finding a specific document effortless. You can search across all of your HR systems with Rubex.


If your recruiting team is used to collecting applications, looking through them, and sending out emails to those applicants you wish to interview, they’re wasting time. With Rubex’s automation feature, you can automate tasks across multiple systems so you don’t have to manually do any of it. Every manual task can be automated, no matter how complex the process seems.

Compliance and Security

As an HR professional, you must adhere to strict compliance and security regulations, such as protecting employees’ private health information. Rubex protects confidential information with 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS. With customizable security options, like role-based permissions or multi-factor authentication you’ll know that your data is always protected.

What Benefits Can You Experience With Rubex?

Rubex can pick up where your other HR systems left off. With the integration of Rubex into your tech stack, your department will be able to work smarter by focusing less on the paper-heavy tasks, and more on the people.

Find More Time in Your Day

Using Rubex to automate your routine tasks will help you get back the time in your day. You won’t have to manually switch between systems or perform any other manual tasks that previously held you back. You can use the hours in your week to focus on more important things, like improving company culture.

Accessible Central Repository

In addition to saving time, having an accessible central repository will make your job much easier. You’ll be able to reduce your work stressors by knowing where you can find whatever piece of employee information you may need.

Standardize Your Work

As your team grows, your new team members will be able to keep the learning curve to a minimum as all HR processes are unified through a single platform.

Make Rubex, the award-winning DMS, the foundation of your HR tech stack. Explore Rubex to get back to the work that matters most.