Running a home business means wearing multiple hats. You’re the CEO, you’re the bookkeeper, you’re the legal department and if you have any employees, you’re HR. These responsibilities are on a much smaller scale than larger businesses, but they’re still important burdens and the amount of work can be staggering. However, you don’t have to do it all alone, and we’re not talking about hiring an assistant.

Having a document management system on your side can make all of the previously mentioned duties exponentially easier by introducing intelligent organization and automation tools to your everyday processes. eFileCabinet features an intuitive interface and toolset to help you run your home business as if you had an administrative staff there with you. All it takes is an internet connection.

The Ultimate Record Keeper

Running a legitimate home business comes with all the same legal and financial obligations of any small business, so meticulous records need to be maintained. Before running out to buy a bulky filing cabinet for your home office, consider going all-digital with your documents. Going the route of a document management system is going to save you a lot of time and money.

If you’ve ever organized folders upon folders of documents in an attempt to easily find them later, you likely know it’s time-consuming and involves careful planning. And if something is misfiled, then the search for the document will waste precious time you could be spending on more important things. Organizing things on the computer is better, but can still be hard to find things if you don’t remember the file name and where it’s saved.


A document management system aims to eliminate those problems to make the processes of filing and retrieval instantaneous. Advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology allows the system to identify text contained in predefined fields of the document with templates. This applies to both physical documents you scan in and digital documents in PDF format that you upload.

Once a document is processed and in the system, you can conduct a full-text search for the document, using any text contained in the file, not just the file name. With a system like this, you won’t have to stress about losing track of a document ever again.

Come tax season, you’ll have everything you need to file for your business at your fingertips, as well as everything you’ll need to submit any employee W-2 forms. Payroll, HR and the rest of your finances all in one system.



On top of fast and convenient organization, eFileCabinet also provides an avenue for secure file sharing. If your business requires you send and receive a high volume of documents like invoices, contracts or other sensitive files, consider a more secure solution over typical email attachments. An encrypted sharing platform like the one provided eFileCabinet keeps documents keeps files safe by establishing a secure connection between the recipient/sender and the system.



Keeping documents encrypted with 256-bit AES and establishing a secure connection through SSL/TLS, stops outside parties from intercepting and reading data sent between you, clients and suppliers. Plus, having a professional file-sharing solution will give clients and partners a positive impression and let them know you take security and privacy seriously.

Having a tool like eFileCabinet can be a great boon to your home business. While it eases the burden of certain business responsibilities, it allows you to focus on growing and enjoying the more fulfilling aspects of being a business owner. To see how eFileCabinet can help your home business, fill out this form for a free demo.