Organization is a necessary characteristic for any successful company. With the proper system, businesses can improve their traceability, increase their workflow, and create a more efficient environment. Each industry calls for different levels of organization, and there are few industries that require such a high level of organization as the machinery manufacturing industry.

Engines, pumps, tractors, lifting equipment, gears, air conditioners, bearings, industrial furnaces, and agricultural machinery are just a fraction of the products offered by the machinery manufacturing industry. Weapons and ammunition are also made, as well as household appliances and machinery used to make other machinery. And this industry employs over one million workers worldwide.

With a consistently high demand for their products, complex supply and production processes, and a large workforce, machine factories are inundated with forms, files, and paperwork. So how do companies in the machinery manufacturing sector manage their paper trails? How is information stored? How is it accessed? What are the challenges this sector faces in document management?


Challenges Facing Machinery Manufacturing

At the current moment, many machine factories are paper-bound, storing their paperwork in difficult-to-access file cabinets that are insecure to physical harm. With paper storage, information is not readily available, is difficult to continuously update, and, as a result, is often inaccurate. Paper storage also places companies at risk for information theft and loss, and therefore costly interruptions in business and even legal claims.

What are the downsides to a system that fails? To start with, if a product manufactured by a company proves dangerous, a paper-storage system will make the product difficult to track. Paper storage also makes record-keeping for compliance and employee payments a challenge.

What advice can we provide for those working in the machine manufacturing industry, in order to help them better maintain the quality and efficiency of their company? Implement document management software (DMS).


Increase Productivity with Document Management Software

Document management software is a computer-based, paperless organizational tool. eFileCabinet is one of the largest providers, promising affordable costs, security for all documents, a central document repository (allowing for easy access), and consistency.

DMS can do a number of things for machine factories in the way of security and overall management. Not only can eFileCabinet’s DMS make the history of machine factories more traceable (meaning that their data and information is on hand for those authorized to access it), but it can also increase the efficiency of the factory.

To begin with, DMS makes the jobs of interns or secretaries who handle the paperwork less overwhelming. Other companies calling with questions concerning data or important information regarding machinery can be answered in a timely manner with a simple data search through eFileCabinet instead of a time-consuming dig through a storage bin or a traditional filing cabinet.

eFileCabinet’s DMS also guarantees security, generating less concern for the safety of the documents and more concern for the tasks at hand. No longer will machine factories have to be concerned about the paperwork angle of their company. Instead, they can focus on expanding their company and growing their work force. After all, key office staff and management won’t need to spend nearly as much time sifting through paperwork.

With those additional jobs, workflow will increase. The focus of the industry can further shift toward its focal point: creating the necessary tools for other industries to complete their jobs. Thus, production and workflow throughout hundreds of different companies can increase solely through the changes made in machine manufacturing industry itself.

It may seem difficult to believe that going paperless and adopting a DMS system through eFileCabinet can change such a large spectrum of industries. However, when you start at the center of a problem and work your way outward, you increase your chances of making a noticeable difference. In this case, that difference offers significant monetary, security, and efficiency gains.

With a substantial ripple effect in place, going paperless can change the course of an industry and, with that industry, the course of many others.

It isn’t so hard to see why automation and organization is so important. Request a 15-minute demo of eFileCabinet’s productivity-enhancing features by filling out the form on this page.