Document management for the furniture manufacturing industry is growing steadily, and for good reason. The use of computers and online technology has come to be a major part of almost every industry, but manufacturing is particularly on the rise in this respect.

Depending on the type of business and the needs of the company, technologies will be implemented in a variety of different ways with varying levels of effectiveness.

With the right document management software (DMS), companies can improve workflow, organization, communication, and efficiency in production.

To learn more about the ways in which software can be used to improve efficiency in the furniture manufacturing industry, we need to get a better look at the processes that are employed by businesses in this sector.


Manufacturing Procedures in the Furniture Manufacturing Industry

Document management for the furniture manufacturing industry faces myriad demands in organizing, tracking, and sharing the documents necessary for day-to-day business, like orders and invoices for sales and distribution, employee records, payroll, tax records, and more.

Paper records are time-consuming, space-hungry, and messy. With the use of document management software, you eliminate many of these issues and increase the accessibility of your business’s documents.

Furniture can come in a variety of different types and can be made through a range of different processes. Major companies mass-produce furniture in large factories but smaller outfits also specialize in producing handmade items.

Either way, both of these business types will generate a lot of documents throughout the course of a year.

When we talk about the materials, there are different types of wood, metals, laminates, composite materials and so on. Then the furniture needs to be shaped and crafted in a variety of different ways and some pieces may have finishing touches like a varnish or upholstery.

All of these materials need to be purchased from a supplier, require shipping and transportation, and must be trackable, creating invoices that will need to be saved and managed.

The actual crafting of the material will require a facility and the labor of a workforce. When you put it all together and total it over just the course of a single year, the amount of documentation can be staggering.


eFileCabinet Can Help Production with Document Management for the Furniture Manufacturing Industry

This only begins to scratch the surface of the amount of documentation that can come with operating in the furniture manufacturing industry.

With a system that is based on physical documents, the sheer volume can be overwhelming and it will all need to be sorted, stored, and organized in a way that provides some level of accessibility.

With a system like eFileCabinet, many of these problems can be avoided and your documentation can be stored in a way that will increase efficiency.

Businesses will no longer have to dedicate space to the storage of paper documents and can rely on one central location where documents can be electronically stored retrieved, shared, and organized.

Workflow will improve, costs will be reduced, and productivity will increase as decision-makers will have ready access to the information needed to enhance efficiency at every stage of the manufacturing process.


Benefits of Document Management for the Furniture Manufacturing Industry

A DMS can improve the productivity of almost any business, including those that work in the furniture manufacturing industry. The ability to find documents quickly and share them with different members of the group, whether they are on location or operating remotely, streamlines operations and increases efficiency.

DMS also offers levels of document security in ways not possible with a plain database repository. A filing cabinet can be compromised and paper files can be lost due to physical damage, staff negligence, or theft.

A system like eFileCabinet offers heavy encryption to counter cyber theft, and off-site backups save your data from any physical harm caused by power outages, natural disasters, and accidents.

You no longer have to worry about documents getting lost, misplaced, or forgotten with our drag-and-drop interface and document-tracking functionality, and with the ability to create different clearance levels, you can ensure that sensitive materials are only viewed by those people that should have access.

If you are still operating on a paper flow system or a computerized system, then your business is costing itself in regard to efficiency. Without DMS, time is lost in searching for documents when they are needed, documents are easily lost and compromised, and paper files take up valuable office real estate.

If you want to see just how much eFileCabinet can help to improve your business operations, speak with one of our business efficiency experts or ask for a complimentary demo.