Transforming metal into intermediate or end products, fabricated metal manufacturing is one incredibly complex process. Designed to add value by cutting, bending, and assembling raw materials to create usable end products, the fabricated metal manufacturing industry serves a number of important purposes. From cutlery and flatware manufacturing to metal valve and pipe fitting, this industry plays a crucial role across countless industries and sectors.

However, while the fabricated metal manufacturing industry does provide a number of valuable services, this industry also faces a remarkable number of complex challenges. From manufacturing management to documentation storage, it’s an industry that certainly faces its fair share of problems.


Common Problems Facing the Industry

Due to the complexity of the processes along with the specialized nature of the work, there are a number of unique issues that are facing the fabricated metal manufacturing industry today. Some of the most common and pervasive problems include:



For those working within the fabricated metal manufacturing industry, security impacts nearly every aspect of work. From external security measures to internal workflow to even data management there is hardly an aspect of this industry that is not directly impacted by security. However, while security is a crucial issue, it has also become a difficult challenge to overcome, especially when it comes to information security. After all, with so many processes in place, there is a higher likelihood of information getting lost in the shuffle, especially when information is not stored digitally.



Security is not the only problem at hand, however. Countless manufacturers also struggle to effectively organize the vast amount of data and documents at their disposal. In fact, it’s not uncommon for companies to be managing hundreds if not thousands of documents on a daily basis. Between the paperwork that is produced by the manufacturing processes along with the vast amount of employee data, businesses within the fabricated metal manufacturing industry are challenged to find suitable organization solutions to manage this information influx



Due to evolving environmental standards and increasing regulations, many companies operating within the fabricated metal manufacturing industry are challenged to find environmentally sustainable solutions. Cited for the use of non-renewable materials, numerous companies within this industry are seeking more environmentally sustainable options.

However, while this industry may face a number of challenges, there is some good news. While there are challenges, there are also viable and logical solutions.


How DMS Enhances the Manufacturing Process

Offering increased document security along with enhancing the entire manufacturing process, document management software (DMS) has been recognized as a key tool to organizational success. Providing traceability and efficiency, document management software has proven to be one of the most valuable resources for those working within the fabricated metal manufacturing industry.

Skeptical whether document management software could be beneficial for your business?

Here are just a few of the benefits eFileCabinet’s DMS paperless solutions can provide:


Cost Savings

Eliminating unnecessary overhead by reducing paper product consumption, eFileCabinet’s paperless-based software has been able to help organization’s reduce their environmental footprint while also providing financial incentives, making DMS one of the most cost-effective solutions available.


Seamless Integration

While many document management systems appear to have similar capabilities, not all systems offer the flexibility or integration capabilities that eFileCabinet’s software can provide. Seamlessly integrating with third-party software, eFileCabinet’s DMS is equipped to enhance rather than interrupt the manufacturing process.


Process Consistency

Consistency is key to the manufacturing industry, and the fabricated metal manufacturing industry is certainly no exception. After all, in order for end products to be the most effective, the processes and the results that are produced must be based on consistency. eFileCabinet’s document management system is able to provide this necessary consistency in the form of superior document management and organization.


Superior Security

While consistency is certainly important, security is vital. The complexity of the manufacturing processes coupled with the nature of the industry makes security one of the most crucial elements of all. This is why eFileCabinet’s DMS has proven to be such an effective solution for those within the industry. Designed to increase document security while simultaneously improving efficiency, eFileCabinet’s document management software provides total security.

Although there are many factors that can influence a company’s success, document management software has now proven to be a major piece of the puzzle. Providing the efficiency and consistency that manufacturers desire along with the ease of accessibility staff appreciate, there are far more advantages than drawbacks for companies looking to integrate effective document management solutions into their operations.


What’s Next?

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