An increasing amount of business functions continue to move online. Using online applications for document management offers businesses a range of benefits from improved communication, to enhanced document storage and workflow management. To get the most out of these services, companies must select the software that best meets their needs.

To understanding of the value of document management software (DMS) for the electrical equipment, appliance, and component manufacturing industry, we must first learn about the types of products companies in this industry manufacture and how they operate.


Electrical Cables

When we talk about electrical cables, we are referring to everything from the cord on a lamp to the heavy cable that transmits electricity to your home. The companies that manufacture these cables are held to high quality standards.

With an electrical cable, you have 2 basic parts: the conductor and the insulation. The conductor is the part through which electricity travels, and the insulation helps to protect the flow of electricity. Most commonly, copper is used as the conductor in an electrical cable, but aluminum is applied for some purposes. Additionally, cables can have different types of insulation depending on the cable’s use.


Electric Lamp Bulb Production

A variety of different lamp bulbs are produced that include everything from incandescent lamps, to different types of fluorescents, neon tubes, and beyond. Different bulbs may use a variety of different materials and will be produced with various designs, depending on the intended purpose of the lamp.

As an example, consider the production of incandescent bulbs. With an incandescent bulb, the 3 basic components have to be produced separately and then assembled to make the finished product. The filament has to be drawn, shaped, and attached to the lead wires. The glass bulbs have to be blown, molded, and stamped with the company marker. The appropriate wattage and the screw-in base has to be constructed. After all of this, the many parts have to come together to produce a working light bulb.


Lighting Fixture Production

Just as there are many different types of bulbs, there are different types of lighting fixtures. Most commonly, you will see fixtures that use fluorescent lamps or incandescent bulbs. As with the bulbs, the different types of lighting fixtures are produced using different processes.

Even within the category of fixtures that use standard screw-in lamps, the product can be made from a variety of different materials and can be constructed using many different designs. The basic components of one of these fixtures will be the housing or base, the socket and shell, and the electrical cord. Depending on the design, there can be various pieces of hardware that may also go into the manufacture of the finished product.


eFileCabinet Can Help

The complexity of the manufacturing process involved in the electrical equipment, appliance, and component manufacturing industry means that workflow and document management are also complex. eFileCabinet, our DMS, can help companies make the shift to streamlined, paperless management of the varied documents involved in the manufacturing process and its associated workflows.

A physical repository for documents can take up a lot of space and requires a significant amount of time and effort to maintain. With eFileCabinet, valuable office space is freed up, and documents are much easier to find, manage, and share.

Additionally, eFileCabinet improves document security and makes it easier to track, trace, and find documents. A company can set security clearance based on an employee’s needs and can track when different documents are accessed and identify the user that opened the file. With a physical copy, a person may lose a file or could forget to return it to the proper place. eFileCabinet eliminates these possibilities and ensures that documents are always at your fingertips.

With a DMS system, a company gets security, improved workflow, and a way to manage their documents that offers a vast array of benefits over using paper systems. eFileCabinet is easy to navigate and set up, and settings and options can be customized for the needs of individual businesses. To see just how effective and efficient this system can be, try this free 15-minute demo from eFileCabinet.