Better Document Management for Psychologists? We Have the Perfect Tool

eFileCabinet’s document management for psychologists software is used by small business owners in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare and medicine.

For any business documentation environment that involves the extensive use of paper, and especially in situations where sensitive patient or client information is being stored, eFileCabinet can streamline documentation processes, increase efficiency, automate redundant processes, save space and money, simplify compliance, and more.

The experience described below by Annemaria Duran, a salesperson at eFileCabinet, demonstrates how psychologists can make use of our paperless document management system, eFileCabinet Express, to operate their psychology clinics more efficiently, freeing up more time and money to focus on clients and growing their businesses instead of spending so much time and energy dealing with document storage and retrieval needs.


Paperless Document Management for  Psychologists

A couple weeks ago, I was talking with a colleague of mine, Scott. He is a psychologist who works out of his home, putting him in a unique situation. His only employees include his wife and an intern. He recounted to me some of the problems that he has faced in maintaining his documents.


The Challenge of Maintaining Client Records: How Document Management for Psychologists Helps

As a psychologist, all of his notes, client records, and treatments fall under HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules as they pertain to document management. Yet, he is a small business without the financial feasibility and the space to manage and upkeep all his documents.

All of his documents are maintained in filing cabinets in his home, and when I asked Scott, he admitted that sometimes the filing cabinets are accidentally left unlocked. This simple act is technically a breach of HIPAA Compliance for maintaining of confidential health records. Although this is not punishable by law, a break-in or breach of the information could’ve been disastrous to Scott’s reputation, business, and ability to find new clients.

In addition, the filing cabinets take up personal space from his family and home. This is a big inconvenience to them! Document management for psychologists can be made far simpler than this. When he has to share his records with others, such as parole officers, the court system, or insurance companies, he must deliver the physical documents.

This causes him to lose hours of time each week, spending an unnecessary amount of time and money on supplies and mailing. Instead of resorting to these outdated methods of information management, Scott could’ve used audit trails to remain compliant and expedite his productivity.

Besides the HIPAA compliance issue created by this method of storing client records, using physical filing cabinets takes up personal space from this psychologist’s family and home. When he is required to share his patient records with others, such as parole officers, the court system, or insurance companies, this psychologist must deliver physical documents to the requesting party.

This requirement causes him to lose hours of time every day performing physical searches of his filing cabinets and dealing with the sloppiness that is introduced when people physically handle important documents. He also incurs expenses associated with delivering those documents (packing and other supplies as well as shipping costs) and even more time is wasted with the shipping process itself.


eFileCabinet: The Paperless Solution for Psychologists

Fortunately for my psychologist friend, a solution to his document storage and retrieval problem was simple. eFileCabinet is helping him through the process of moving to a paperless office and managing his client documents virtually.

By transitioning to a paperless document management system like eFileCabinet Express, which facilitates better document management for psychologists, he will soon be able to turn the space currently occupied by four filing cabinets into additional seating for his guests. He will be able to access his documents from any location and to easily keep additional copies of his records off-site.

Instead of ignoring the impossible task of duplicating his records to another storage location, he is able to have electronic copies of his documents stored in additional locations for enhanced security.

As a result, natural disasters and other emergencies cannot affect him or his documents! For my colleague, eFileCabinet met every need he identified and supplied solutions for other needs he didn’t realize he had. This just goes to show how we may have documentation problems of which we aren’t even aware.


Secure Client Portal for File Sharing and Retention

One of these solutions was a secure client portal which will allow my friend to securely share copies of his documents with the applicable individuals who need documents. Furthermore, he is able to apply an automated retention policy (included in eFileCabinet) to his client files so the documents are destroyed in compliance with HIPAA standards. The impact on his business and his home was immense.

With eFileCabinet Express, document management for psychologists can become a simple part of maintaining a successful private practice.

As businesses become increasingly singular and run by individuals striving to take power back from organizations’ exorbitant profits, there will always be room for document management to grow in the context of psychology and the world of private practice.

Mental health will also become an increasingly important part of the economy as a whole, as many people are unhappier than ever and need help receiving treatment for issues like addiction. With all this extra demand comes a need to manage information securely and effectively, and eFileCabinet is the perfect tool for ensuring these processes.