As you are probably aware of by now, implementing document management software is a great investment for businesses both small and large. They are especially beneficial for businesses that handle tons of paperwork every year. If you have been following our articles you may know that going paperless provides a number of benefits, from easy file retrieval to more office space due to elimination of filing cabinets and more.

However, even though going paperless via document management software can significantly improve operation efficiency, it is important that you make full use of your DMS by utilizing the features it offers to truly harness the power of the software and reap the maximum rewards. Here we shall present some tips to get the most of out of your DMS to help you on your way to achieving maximum efficiency.


Make Use of Advanced Scanning Technology

Making the move to a paperless environment is a great way to have all paper and electronic files in one centralized location. This can ultimately lead to increased operating efficiency and productivity. However, not too long ago, scanning was seen as a monumental task as it still involved a great degree of manual labor. Because of this, managers were seemingly reluctant to scan old paper-based files and store them electronically due to the time and labor costs involved.

Document management software such as eFileCabinet has removed this barrier by making scanning and storing files more convenient than before. With eFileCabinet’s Zonal OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature, scanning is fully automated allowing users to create keyword searchable documents in mere seconds with the click of a mouse. In addition to making scanned documents fully searchable, Zonal OCR uses flexible data templates so information can be automatically extracted from scanned documents. Templates can also be used to detect fields to capture field data and automatically populate data into the appropriate fields. eFileCabinet also uses Zonal OCR to automatically store files in the appropriate folder, potentially saving hundreds of man-hours.


Make Use of Intuitive, Customizable File Organization

Another reason managers have been reluctant to embrace going paperless is due to the concern of how files will be stored and organized. Understandably, managers do not want to spend time learning how to use software with complex user interfaces or intricate means of file storage. Document management software available today allows for the storage and organization of files in the system or in the Cloud in a way that is similar to how paper files are stored in physical filing cabinets. Basically, document management systems like eFileCabinet store files in the hierarchy of a central filing cabinet with several customizable virtual drawers and folders. This presents a level of familiarity and a shallow learning curve for users accustomed to paper-based filing.


Edit Files with your DMS

In any office that deals with paperwork it is important to be able to edit files at a moment’s notice to incorporate last minute changes. The last thing you would want to do is waste time editing the document outside of your DMS, and then have to replace it with the newer version. eFileCabinet allows you to open the document, and edit and save with versioning and checkout features. This means that once eFileCabinet is used to edit the document you can automatically choose to change the revision number and in addition, while changes are being made, the documents can be “checked out” to ensure that no other persons can make edits while the file is open.

As mentioned previously, using Zonal OCR ensures that scanned documents are also editable. Scanned documents and other existing electronic files stored on your system can be added to the eFileCabinet document management system in a number of ways including drag and drop, right click and send to eFileCabinet, direct scan into eFileCabinet, or you can even make use of Microsoft Office integration to send documents directly into the DMS.


Other eFileCabinet Features to Make the Most of your DMS

eFileCabinet includes a number of other features that you can take advantage of to achieve the maximum results of transitioning to a paperless office. This includes:

Full Online Capabilities – With eFileCabinet Online all files are secured safely on the Cloud using the latest Cloud-based technology. All documents stored online are secured with a number of safety protocols including SSL certificates, heavy 256-bit encryption, and SAS 70 Type II secured data centers.

Having files stored online means that they can be accessed by anyone (given the right permissions) including external auditors, clients, and business partners who have an Internet connection from anywhere in the world. Don’t have a laptop or desktop? Files can also be accessed via mobile phone with eFileCabinet’s Mobile Application.

Integration with other Software – Increase your efficiency and productivity by using eFileCabinet’s ability to integrate with other software such as Intuit’s QuickBooks, Fujitsu ScanSnap, Salesforce, and even the massively popular Microsoft Office Suite. With these types of software integrated into the system, information can be easily stored and shared with the DMS and vice versa.

Making the move to a paperless office by means of a document management system is definitely a step in the right direction for your company and the tips offered here will help you fully apply your DMS in your firm to reap the maximum rewards.