Document filing software allows you to save, store, and manage all kinds of files without a single physical cabinet, drawer, or storage closets. With document management software, all you information is stored digitally and accessed via computer or handheld device. Document filing software provides the advantages of versatility and flexibility, allowing you to save, store, and access all types of documents, from any location. eFileCabinet specializes in providing the industry’s most powerful and comprehensive document filing software to help organizations and individuals save time, and space, which leads to greater efficiency, savings, and ultimately profits.

Because every organization is unique, we know that one single software filing solution is not the answer. At eFileCabinet we’ve created several software products to help our users achieve their goals. Each software product is designed to be streamlined, simple, and intuitive, and help minimize the amount of labor and time spent managing paper files. Below are more specific details on each software products strengths.

Paperless Office Document Management System Saves Time and Money

eFileCabinet Software Products:

eFileCabinet On-Premise, Desktop Version
eFileCabinet Desktop is loaded and saved on desktops and internal networks. To access, you must be physically present with the computer that has the software installed on it. The desktop version is best for organizations who want the peace of mind knowing that all their sensitive data is stored within their own network. eFileCabinet Desktop also benefits from extremely high speeds and is not as subject to variable wireless connection speeds that can occur when out of the office.

One of the most exciting features of the new 2015 version of eFileCabinet desktop, is that it comes with CloudView. CloudView allows for automatic file backup and accessibility from out of office locations, adding security and peace of mind knowing that even in the event of a catastrophic loss (such as building fire), your files are safe. With CloudView all the benefits of eFileCabinet online are combined with eFileCabinet Desktop. eFileCabinet Desktop also comes with Active Directory Syncing, Simplifile integration, SCV export, compliance and regulatory tools, eSignature integration, and more.
eFileCabinet Online, Cloud-Based Version
eFileCabinet Online is our web-based document filing software for organizations that want the freedom to access their files anytime, anywhere. It provides a central location from which you can upload, manage, and share all files handled by you, coworkers, and associates. With eFileCabinet Online, you can access your account via web browser. No enterprise level equipment, like servers and data centers, are needed. eFileCabinet provides the software and the equipment, and we back up your files for you. All files are stored on servers in our secure data centers. Information stored by us is encrypted and advanced security measures are put in place so you don’t have to worry about your information or documents being lost, stolen, or intercepted. eFileCabinet online also comes with free mobile apps, eSignature integration, File Sync, and SalesForce integration. eFileCabinet online allows you to upload and save documents with nothing more than a smartphone by taking a picture, which can be saved as a PDF.

SecureDrawer Client Portal

SecureDrawer is a fast and secure file-sharing portal that allows you to access and share critical files with colleagues and clients, on a 24/7 basis, from any location with an internet connection. As eFileCabinet’s client portal, SecureDrawer works closely with and completes eFileCabinet’s other document management software, by being the medium that shares that stored data. Because it is designed to share files securely, SecureDrawer can also work as a standalone product for anyone who wishes to share information more efficiently and much more safely than with email. Security measure for Cloud-based SecureDrawer are taken very seriously. Data is stored in a secure SAS 70 Type II certified data center. The data residing on the servers is also protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Because of SecureDrawer’s emphasis on security, it is much safer than sending files as email attachments, and it also allows file sizes about 100 times larger than email.

eFileCabinet software filing products are crucial for helping any organization or individual who deals frequently with heavy paper volume. Our solutions can help minimize time spent on managing paper, and more time on producing goods and services. To see how document storage software can help you go paperless, saving time, space, and money, fill out the form on this page for a free demonstration.