Don’t Worry About Your Tax Software DMS

Thousands of Intuit’s Lacerte Tax Software users have experienced significant gains in productivity and use of their existing Lacerte implementation using eFileCabinet’s DMS solution. eFileCabinet’s electronic document management system has become a source of stability and efficiency for accountants who appreciate a choice of cloud or desktop implementation, great support and the reliability of the number one rated DMS solution.

What Our Customers Say About Us

“I love the product, but most importantly I love the people. The entire process from purchase to implementation to continuing to learn has been easy and seamless.”Readers Choice Awardcpa practice advisor

Client Portals – Winner  SecureDrawer

Document Management & Document Storage – 1st Place Independent Vendor eFileCabinet

Other Workflow Tools – 1st Place Independent Vendor eFileCabinet

For a free demo of how to set up your Lacerte software with eFileCabinet’s Lacerte-compatible DMS, call us 877-574-5505 or fill out the Free Demo form on this page and we’ll contact you.


Is this a Cloud-based solution only?

No. We provide customers the choice between a Cloud or on-premise solution. (The majority of our Accounting clients love our desktop/on-premise solution). The products are almost identical in user interface and features, and the pricing is the same no matter which platform you choose.

Can we print directly from Lacerte, QB, Microsoft Office and email to eFileCabinet?

Yes. Our company founder is an accountant, and he created eFileCabinet to do have these kinds of user-friendly integrations from early on in our business’s 13-year history.

Can we drag attachments directly into eFileCabinet?

Yes. We offer drag-and-drop capabilities straight into our product.

Can we export our files easily into the Windows folder structure whenever we want?

Yes. We do not store your files into a proprietary format that locks you in. You can export documents out of eFileCabinet any time so you have access to your files outside of eFileCabinet.

Does this include a web portal?

Yes, with a professional bundle, you get CPA Practice Advisor’s #1-rated client portal, SecureDrawer, for free.

*Get CPA Practice Advisor’s #1-rated client portal, SecureDrawer for free with the professional bundle.

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