HR professionals who have worked with or currently work with a human resources information system (HRIS) or human resources management system (HRMS) may wonder why they would need a document management solution when their system seems to accomplish everything they need. A document management solution would in actuality go hand-in-hand with a comprehensive HRIS, supplementing the HR-centric features with better organization and automation tools.

Not All HRIS Are Created Equal

The field of HRIS and HRMS solutions is big, but the many choices out there are anything but standard. Different products are available for different needs. Some solutions may be a better fit for different industries, while some solutions are better for different-sized businesses. With this wide variety of solutions, you’ll find that there’s rarely a one-size-fits-all product out there for your business.

Find an HRIS that’s great at the thing you need most and document management can take care of the rest. Whether you need an HR solution that focuses on recruiting and talent management, benefits, payroll, etc., you may find it lacking in other important aspects and leave you dealing with certain processes manually. A document management solution can pick up where the HRIS leaves off to deliver a fully automated organization and management tool. 

Rubex by eFileCabinet is an intelligent organization tool that can be set up to work hand in hand with just about any HRIS solution. What makes Rubex such a useful solution to HR professionals is its ability to automate HR document processes with workflow tools. Processes like onboarding, changes to benefits, performance reviews, etc. can be automated, allowing you to focus on aspects of the job other than time-consuming paperwork.

While an HRIS may be able to handle your employee attendance and payroll management, you may want a separate solution to handle onboarding and archiving employee files. Rubex has the tools to set up an easy-to-navigate filing system where files automatically file themselves.

How Rubex Cooperates with HRIS

Rubex is product-agnostic, meaning that it has a way to interact with just about any software solution. It can do this with any application that has a “print to” function. Whenever you print a document or form, you can choose to print it to Rubex, much like when you print a document to PDF format. This option uploads whatever you’re printing to your document management system as if you manually uploaded it with the interface.

Once you have an avenue that sends documents from your HRIS to Rubex, you can set up automated routing to have the system read what information is on the document and route it to the correct location accordingly. Imagine never having the lose another document again because not only will it never be misfiled, but you can also perform full-text searches for documents. Optical character recognition (OCR) technology allows Rubex to search for documents using any text contained within them. 

Rubex Isn’t Just for HR 

The other advantage of having a document management solution like Rubex is that its usefulness stretches far beyond HR, with many departments in the business being able to make use of its intelligent organization and automation features. Accounting, legal, administrative, production, and many others can use Rubex for all of their paperwork needs. 

Rubex features strong permission features that allow you to separate the different departments’ cabinets of documents, so you don’t have to worry about everyone having access to everything all at once. However, a secure sharing function allows you to quickly share documents with other departments through a safe channel, rather than as an email attachment.

To find out more about how Rubex can not just supplement, but boost your HR tech stack, let’s talk.

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