A major part of HR is recruiting and keeping the best talent for your company. Hiring can be very document heavy, as is the performance review and appraisal process. In order for you to make smarter hiring and retention decisions, you need documentation to inform you and support those decisions. However, collecting and organizing those documents shouldn’t preoccupy too much of your time.
Recruiting applications and services can be useful in attracting candidates and collecting applications, but they’re not often useful beyond the hiring process and are only needed a few times throughout the year. Solutions that have applications throughout the HR department, as well as the hiring process and after more likely to yield a far better ROI. 

A document management solution, like Rubex by eFileCabinet, is an intelligent organization tool that can handle all of your HR documents, including the intensive paperwork involved in recruitment. You can take in large volumes of paperwork without spending hours sorting through applications, resumes, cover letters, and supporting documents to make sure they’re in the correct folders for candidates. The system does the organizing for you.

Candidate Files Create Themselves

What if when you entered an application or any other standard form into the system, it knew exactly which folder it needed to go to? This is possible thanks to advanced optical character recognition (OCR) software that identifies key information in a document and organizes it accordingly.

Zonal OCR is a component of Rubex that uses premade templates to identify the information written in preselected fields and record it as metadata. This can include names, dates, addresses, etc. The system can then route the documents to the correct location according to how you program it. If you set it to route the document by the name recorded on it, it will do so every time a form of that type is uploaded. Another great feature you can enable is that if the folder a document is supposed to be routed to doesn’t exist, the system will create one. 

This drastically cuts down on time spent on trying to organize your candidate folders and means you don’t have to repeat work like creating a brand new folder for every application you receive. Every document relating to a candidate, no matter if it’s any email communication or letter of recommendation, now has an easy to access home. 

Securely Request Files

Throughout the interview process, you may need additional documents from a candidate such as proof of employment from previous positions or qualifying certifications. You can continue to be efficient with the documents you require from candidates by sending them file requests directly from Rubex. Sending a file request is not only more secure than receiving files through an email attachment, you can direct the upload to go directly to the folder you want. So all the documents requested from the candidate are sent directly to their folder. 

Search and Organize Instantly

Full-text searching allows you to swiftly find files and navigate candidate folders. The beauty of full-text search is the ability to search with any text contained in the desired document. If you’re looking for a specific file, but don’t exactly know the name, you can still find it using the text you believe is contained in the file. 

For example, you can search with the candidate name, and the folder will come up. Maybe, you don’t remember the name but remember something that stood out in their application like a previous position. Narrow down you search by searching within the container where you keep your candidate folders, then search using the name of the company. It’s hard to lose anything in such a system.  

Recruitment is about working with people, not paperwork. You need documents from candidates who are trying to make the case that they’re the best fit for the job, but you don’t have to spend a majority of the process just trying to get all the paperwork organized. Document management can make your recruiting period even easier with workflows that further automate document processes for interviewing and other tasks. 

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