We want to provide you the EASY, POWERFUL and AFFORDABLE document management system for your

UltraTax, ProSeries, ProSystems, Lacerte, or other tax software.
It won’t be long before you rely on the speed of uploading, downloading and viewing files with eFileCabinet.

The best part?

You can choose to purchase eFileCabinet for your on-premise environment that you are familiar with (put our software on your computer) OR you can choose to go online (cloud). You choose!

And, we are only talking $540/year* REGARDLESS of desktop or online.

Think of eFileCabinet as the specialized DMS component that does everything your old DMS did for you, plus the following:

  • Client sharing portal (included)
  • Desktop OR Online version
  • Regulatory compliance, SEC/FINRA and HIPAA
  • Use for your entire business, not just tax
  • OCR/Full text searching
  • Workflow
  • Alerts
  • QB Integration
  • MS Office integration
  • Encryption
  • Folder templates
  • Annotations
  • Access locally stored files, even when the Internet is down
  • eSignature and more!

Lastly, we will not only help you make the transition to eFileCabinet easy, we will provide a simple solution to import your DMS data into eFileCabinet with our data transfer and migration solution for only $199.

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Award winning paperless software for financial professionals. Easy to scan, search, retrieve and manage.
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+Cloud-based secure portal to send confidential, large files to customers all integrated with eFileCabinet.
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= $540/year*
Cloud-based document management — access from anywhere to search, retrieve and manage your files.
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+Cloud-based secure portal to send confidential, large files to customers all integrated with eFileCabinet.
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= $540/year*

*Starting price.


Is this a Cloud-based solution only?

No. We provide customers the choice of cloud or on-premise (the majority of our Accounting clients love our desktop/on-premise solution). The products are almost identical in user interface and features, and the pricing doesn’t change from one platform to the other.

Can we print directly from Lacerte, QB, Microsoft Office and email to eFileCabinet?

Yes. Our company founder is an accountant and he created eFileCabinet to do this from early on in our 13 year history.

Can we drag attachments directly into eFileCabinet?

Yes. We offer drag and drop capabilities straight into our product.

Can we export our files out easily into the Windows folder structure whenever we want?

Yes. We do not store your files into a proprietary format that locks you in. You can export out any time to have access to your files outside of eFileCabinet (see step 1 below).

4 Easy Steps to Export Lacerte DMS Data into eFileCabinet Desktop (We will do this for you!)

Step 1: Export from Lacerte DMS

Follow these steps to export all documents and folders into a windows folder structure:

    1. Open Lacerte DMS.
    2. Choose File/Export
    3. In the Export to…dialog, choose “A” folder on my computer a click Next.
    4. In the Export to a folder dialog, browse to your destination path.

    5. If you have created Non-client Folders, you can elect to show them. Also, if you have separated your clients by client type, you can filter based on client type or show all clients.
    6. In the client list, select the client(s) whose documents you want to export. You can select multiple clients using the SHIFT and/or CTRL keys on your keyboard. Click Next.
    7. Lacerte DMS exports the client data to the specified location. Click the Finished button. You can now view your data in that folder location.


    Step 2: Import Files into eFileCabinet
      After exporting your files and folders from Lacerte, follow these steps to import them into windows:


      1. Open eFileCabinet
      2. Go to the Administration Tab
      3. Create a Cabinet that will House the clients you exported in the previous step. (You can name the cabinet whatever you would like.)

      4. Select the Utility Tab located at the top of the program.
      5. Select the ‘Import from Windows’ option, and select the directory with the exported files.

      6. After the import process is complete, you will see your cabinet an drawers in the structure illustrated in the image.


    Step 3 & 4 are both optional, but recommended for the optimum eFileCabinet experience.

    Step 3: Exporting Client Information to a. CSV file

    Though we have imported the data, the profiles are still empty. This step will allow you to export your Tax Client Information to a CSV to be imported as metadata into eFileCabinet.

    1. Open Lacerte.

    2. Click Client > Tax Type > Individual.

    3. Select all the clients from the client list.

    4. Go to File > Export > Export to File….

    5. Using the Browse button, select the desired folder for the output .CSV file.

    6. Enter the name of the file to be exported in the File: section.

    7. Select Comma Delimited from the Export Type drop down list.

    8. Under the Available list, select and move over every item you would like to import into eFileCabinet’s Metadata. IMPORTANT! When exporting the CSV, make sure one column matches the drawer naming format in eFileCabinet.

    9. Click OK when completed.

    Open the .CSV file to ensure the data looks accurate.

    Step 4: Importing the .CSV Data into eFileCabinet with our DMS import tool

    This step is the import process using the previous step’s .CSV file.

    1. Open eFileCabinet.

    2. Select the Administration Tab

    3. Go to Manage Profiles.

    4. Select New Profile from the items listed at the top of the window.

    5. When creating your new profile, make sure you create or have a profile field for each column in your .CSV file.

    6. After creating the profile, Save it.

    7. Go to the Utility Tab located at the Top of the program.


    9. For the CSV file, click the folder icon on the right side of the window, browse to and select the CSV that was exported from Lacerte.

    10. Check the Use First Line as Header option.

    11. Select the Cabinet you would like to import.

    12. For Drawer Name Mapping: Select the column that matches the drawer names within the program.

    13. Make sure to overwrite existing drawers with the profile information.

    14. Finally, select the profile you created to match your importing needs.

    15. Make sure that each field of your profile is mapped to a column in your CSV file.

    16. Click Import and let it run until complete.



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