Depending on the type of business you run, sometimes it feels impossible to cut down on your carbon footprint. Your company relies on the use of paper, and lots of it. Because of this, printing costs are through the roof. Do you have customers all over the country? If so, you’re going to rack up costs sending documents through the mail. Luckily, with the technology available today, you can easily cut down on your costs and improve your business practices at the same time.


Scan Documents

Using OCR technology, you can scan any documents that come into your office. This includes customer files, employee records, and more. Scanning your documents into a document management system allows you to keep one copy in a digital format. The best thing about using an OCR scanner is that you can then search the documents later, using any information in the file.

How does scanning documents help you save money? You no longer have to keep multiple copies of every file. As you cut down the physical files you have on hand, the less space you’ll need to have for storage. On top of that, you won’t have to put as much into printing costs. Scanning documents into your DMS also allows you to keep files safe, since you don’t have to worry about physical copies getting stolen.


Keep Backups

Once your files are in digital format, you can keep backups in different locations. If you’re using a local DMS, such as a desktop solution, you’ll need to have an offsite backup. This helps you stay compliant with local, state, or federal regulations. In addition, it helps you stay on top of the security of your documentation. Online solutions allow you to store documents in the Cloud, which creates an instant backup.

These offsite backups are beneficial in a number of ways. If disaster strikes, you need to make sure that your client information is still safe. If all of your files are in local files, they may be destroyed in a fire, flood, or other disaster.


Send Files Securely

If you have customers or vendors that you need to share files with, one of your biggest costs is likely shipping. Shipping prices add up quickly. With a client portal, such as SecureDrawer, you are able to safely and securely share documents with anyone you need. This portal has the best security encryption. In fact, it offers the same encryption as your online banking.

Many regulations in different industries require you to ensure that documentation isn’t sent just through email, without encryption. You need to make sure that no one can intercept your customer’s personal information. With a secure customer portal, you’re able to confidently share documents.

Make the right choice for your office. With a document management system, you’ll save money and improve your business practices almost immediately. What’s holding you back?