The Reasons DMS Creates Greater Business Mobility

More and more organizations are leveraging business mobility to grow their organization. Whether your employees have flexible work arrangements, work from home, or work in remote locations, document management software (DMS) can help your company take the leap.


What Does Mobility Mean?

DMS creates greater business mobility, and for many reasons. But many office employees have been checking their company email from home or from their phone for a long time, so this alone does not constitute mobility in the information age.

However, the ability to check your email and communicate with coworkers, clients, or your boss outside of regular office hours isn’t enough to increase productivity of your employees and profitability for your company.


What Is Employee Mobility?

From an employee perspective, DMS creates greater business mobility via worker mobility, which is unrelated to outsourcing work to another country. Rather, employee mobility stands for your organization’s flexibility when it comes to allowing people to get their work done.

The less your organization depends on your employees to show up at the office from 9 to 5, the more mobility is granted to your employees.


Why Mobility Is Important to Employees

Many employees still go to work at the office from Monday through Friday. But employees have personal obligations that may require them to schedule appointments during regular working hours, such as doctor’s appointments, meetings at school, or taking care of a sick child at home.

Most companies don’t mind when employees make up lost time from home later. While this only constitutes a small amount of mobility, this flexibility is important for your employees.

If your organization has a mobile workforce, then your employees may spend all of their working hours away from the office. While working from home doesn’t work for everyone, some employees are a lot more productive when they can set their own hours.


How Your Organization Benefits from a Mobile Workforce

Embracing mobility for your organization can offer tremendous benefits for your company. In fact, a mobile workforce can increase employee productivity as well as organizational profitability.

That’s a win-win situation for you and your business.


Improve Communications

While a remote workforce may seem like a hindrance to effective communication, this really isn’t the case. In fact, social media, email, and other applications allow your employees to communicate with coworkers and customers in real time.

Your customers don’t have to wait for a response during regular business hours, either. Plus, they’re more likely to respond via social media outside of those hours.


Excel at Marketing and Development

Both marketing and development work a lot better with active customer interaction. A mobile workforce can get both easily. In fact, customers respond much better to a text message than a letter sent in the mail.

Plus, advertising your brand with mobile apps can provide you with instant results.


Employee Flexibility

The greatest benefit of embracing a mobile organization is the increased flexibility you can offer your employees. Now your employees can travel extensively and work from the beach or wherever they choose to vacation.

You can also allow your employees to convert their commuting time into productive time by letting them work from home occasionally, or all the time. Your company will probably notice increased productivity and reduced employee turnover as a result.


How to Achieve Greater Mobility for Your Business

You may understand and agree with letting employees work from home, but how can you turn this vision into reality? Before any of your employees can get work done outside of the office, it’s important to have the infrastructure in place.

Many organizations are embracing the BYOD (bring your own device) culture, which means you don’t necessarily have to purchase laptops or cell phones for your workforce. Bring your own device is inseparable from the tenets of why DMS creates greater business mobility.

However, it’s important for your organization to invest in mobile apps and programs that your employees can use on the go. Additionally, you need a document management system that your employees can access securely from anywhere. This is best done via cloud access.


How to Equip Your Employees to Succeed out of the Office

In order for your employees to get the work done or reel in the next customer, you have to give them the tools to succeed. While it’s important for employees to have access to their company email, it’s probably not enough. If you want to get the work done, then your employees should utilize your document management software (DMS) from home.

The greatest aspect of why our DMS creates greater business mobility is that it can be accessed from any electronic device, including laptops, tablets, and phones. But just because your files are accessible from anywhere doesn’t mean they’re not secure.

In fact, we use data encryption and user-based access to prevent unauthorized sharing of your important information. The information you store in our DMS is probably more secure than the papers you keep at the office.

eFileCabinet can be accessed via a mobile app as long as you have an internet connection. You can even utilize our Client portal for secure file sharing with your clients. Would you like to learn more about using DMS to increase your company’s mobility? Give us a call or fill out the form on this page and try out eFileCabinet today.