Document management on the Cloud makes it possible for companies to share vital information even when key employees are on the go. One of the major benefits of a DMS is the fact that it enables companies to keep important projects moving forward by allowing authorized users to open, share, and alter documents via their mobile phones and other connected devices.


Disaster Management

Choosing to take your office to the Cloud is an ideal way to implement a low-cost and wholly effective disaster preparedness plan. Virtual files are not subject to damage by fire, floods, or any other unexpected events that can occur in the workplace.
Should IT systems fail, all important records will be perfectly preserved through virtual document management systems. Moreover, your employees can continue to access these files via other devices so that you can satisfy the needs of your customers while IT issues are resolved.


Access Documents Anywhere

Moving to a Cloud-based system also allows you to expand your options in telecommuting. Telecommuting is a highly effective strategy for cutting company costs. With fewer professionals in the workplace and no need to house large, physical filing systems, it is often possible for businesses to downsize to smaller office suites, thereby cutting their overhead costs considerably. Approved users from any location and any digital device with a functional internet connection can access all essential documents and files for conducting day-to-day business.


Increased Security

Your business can also enjoy increased security for all sensitive information. Physical files can be easily compromised by anyone who passes through the office. When documents are hosted on the Cloud, however, all parties who wish to view them will need to have approved login information with proper permissions to view the file. Should you need to share these files, you can easily and securely do this through eFileCabinet’s SecureDrawer.

Whether you have employees and clients all over the world or you simply want to cut costs for your business, using a document management system combined with Cloud storage helps your business. You can improve your company’s flexibility and mobility while cutting costs with eFileCabinet.