DMS deployment is not always the easiest thing to do. Before you take the plunge with your organization, you may want to consider whether you’re looking for dispersed or localized DMS deployment options.

In this article, we’ll talk about the difference between the two implementation models, and how each of these models cater better to certain industries.


What Is Localized DMS Deployment?

One DMS adoption model involves localized deployment. With localized deployment, the document management solution is set up for one office and generally utilized from one focal point. When it comes to document scanning and uploading, there is only one location to consider.

Obviously, a localized deployment is perfectly fine for a small company with one office. However, as soon as there are additional branches, localized deployment might not work as well.


Which Industries Benefit from Localized Deployment?

There are certain industries that benefit from localized deployment, even if there are multiple offices. The best examples of that are municipalities and cities on a government scale. After all, a city’s tax commissioner’s office doesn’t require input from tax commissioners in other countries. Similarly, when residents pay their water bill, the city doesn’t need any documentation from neighboring cities.

The great thing about localized DMS deployment is that all of the paperwork is accessible from the same location. When it comes to scanning and uploading paperwork, there is little chance of anything getting lost in the shuffle. A localized document management system is the easiest DMS to implement.


What Is Dispersed DMS Deployment?

The dispersed DMS adoption model involves connecting multiple offices and locations. Documents have to be scanned and uploaded at each separate branch and then shared with the other branches or headquarters as applicable. The challenge with dispersed deployment lies in connecting the separate branches and communicating effectively.

If your company requires documents and information from multiple branches in order to operate efficiently, then you’ll need dispersed DMS deployment. While it sounds complicated to have to scan and upload documents from multiple locations, it’s certainly achievable.


Which Industries Benefit from Dispersed Deployment?

Many companies require dispersed deployment in order to function properly. Banks and other financial institutions are a perfect example of this. Even a regional bank with multiple offices needs to allow its customers access to their financial information from each location.

The bigger the company and the greater the number of locations, the more difficult it may seem to get everyone on board with the same document management software (DMS). The good news is that implementing a dispersed DMS solution can actually help you streamline your operations and increase workspace efficiency at the same time.


Dispersed vs. Localized DMS Deployment

Whether you use the dispersed or localized DMS deployment, you can expect to reduce your operating costs when you take advantage of electronic document management. This can be achieved by reducing costs associated with file storage, printing, and loss of productivity caused by endless searching for documents.

Document management can also provide your employees and customers with real-time access to all of your documentation. This is a huge benefit and can make you stand out from the crowd of competitors.

One of the most important benefits of document management is increasing employee productivity by minimizing paperwork. Productivity is increased by the use of workflows and by the ability to search for files quickly with a text search instead of digging through filing cabinets. Your organization is now able to take action immediately because all of the information is at your fingertips.


The Importance of Data Capture and Imaging

Paperless organizations strive to reduce the production of paper in the first place by creating electronic documents instead. However, it’s important to understand the ongoing need for data capture and imaging that goes hand-in-hand with your document management system. It’s necessary to digitize your paper documents to keep them easily accessible inside your organization.


Making Your Information Available to Your Employees

One of the challenges that companies have to meet is making the information they store available to their employees. On the one hand, many organizations are leaning toward decentralizing their workforce and providing their employees with more autonomy. On the other hand, organizations have to make sure that employees have the resources and tools available that they need in order to do their jobs successfully.

Fortunately, eFileCabinet provides a solution for your document management headaches that provides access to individuals who need it. At the same time, our DMS solution still helps you control who can view and edit your files.


How eFileCabinet Can Help Your Organization

eFileCabinet offers dispersed and localized DMS deployment to better serve different industries. With our help, you can move to a paperless organization, too. There are many advantages to implementing our document management system, but improving communications between your employees and customers may be the most important one.

To learn more about eFileCabinet’s enterprise access solution, fill out the form on this page for your free 15-minute demo. You can also give us a call or chat with us.