LEHI, Utah—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Digity.com is excited to announce a partnership with eFileCabinet. Today, more than ever before, technology is a vital part of keeping your small business thriving. eFileCabinet, Inc., is a full-fledged document management software solution designed to help organizations capture, manage, and protect their data. Today more than 70,000 users worldwide rely on eFileCabinet, and that number is growing.

“Our customers will find the straightforward and effective remote help from Digity to be immensely valuable.”

Insurance, financial, medical, and other customer-centered industries have seen personal identity theft on the rise, which widens the complexity of technology compliance. eFileCabinet wants to do all it can to ensure the security of its clients. Today eFileCabinet is working with Digity to provide an additional line of defense.

On the cutting edge of technology support, Digity.com is dedicated to helping small businesses get the most out of their technology and identity protection. Digity’s service hinges on three preventative measures that everyone with a computer should consider: (1) first-rate antivirus and backup software, (2) secure network services, and (3) pivotal system tune-ups. Should a problem occur, Digity’s specialized team of remote technology experts is always available to assist—day or night.

Sean Miller, President of Digity, states, “With personal identity protection affecting over 15 million victims each year, our partnership with eFileCabinet increases our ability to provide compliance adherence and total technology protection.”

“Our small business clients have enough issues to deal with in running their business and to have a quality company provide help for all computers, servers and systems is a welcome relief from their day-to-day operational worries,” said Matt Peterson, CEO of eFileCabinet. “Our customers will find the straightforward and effective remote help from Digity to be immensely valuable.”

Both eFileCabinet and Digity know what it means to be a small business affected by identity theft and want to help your business succeed. By ensuring your technology doesn’t fail and that personal information is protected, your business will have the confidence to protect, manage, and store data securely. If you have questions about how this step forward will improve your protection, call 1-877-907-4022 to talk to a qualified technician today.

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