As of March 31, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has loosened its digital signature policy in light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis that’s caused difficulties within the tax preparation industry. 

The IRS would “begin temporarily accepting images of signatures (scanned or photographed) and digital signatures on documents related to the determination or collection of tax liability,” according to a report from Accounting Today.

In an effort to make it easier for taxpayers and tax professionals to communicate with the IRS, the agency is allowing employees to accept documents through “established secure messaging systems.”

Now more than ever, tax preparers need a work-from-home solution that allows them to communicate with clients, collect signatures, and submit forms to the IRS. It needs to be an accessible platform, but still feature robust security.

Rubex by eFileCabinet features one of the most secure and compliant eSignature tools available. This digital signature tool is easy to use for both the end user and the signer, but is built to be secure and indelible. 

eSignature creates a separate audit trail document whenever a document is signed — no need of a third-party to verify its authenticity. It verifies who signed the original document and when.

Submitting documents for eSignature is secured with bank-level encryption. In fact, all documents you share with Rubex are protected with 256-bit AES. Rather than sending documents as an email attachment, add an extra level of security using Rubex’s secure file-sharing functionality.

With most of the country practicing social distancing and working from home when they can, tax preparers need the tools to ensure their clients businesses don’t suffer more than they already have. This latest news comes just a few weeks after it was announced that the deadline for filing federal taxes and payment was moved to July 15, 2020, so tax professionals have more time to implement these tools.

To see Rubex Digital Signature in action and just how fast we can get you up and running, talk to us today.