Does your company need document management software? Probably. Does it matter which one you choose? Definitely. Today we’ll take a look at Digiscribe Document Management vs. eFileCabinet. We’ll explore the differences between the two and help you decide which one to use.


What Does Digiscribe Offer?

Digiscribe agrees with eFileCabinet about the fact that it’s time to go paperless. Digiscribe help you manage your electronic documents, and they’ll even scan your paperwork for you. If you have a lot of scanning to do in order to move away from filing cabinets, then Digiscribe can relieve you of a huge burden. They even offer to receive and scan your mail for you so that you won’t have to scan anything in the future, either.

For document management, Digiscribe offers cloud storage, workflow automation, mobile document management, and email management. Digiscribe also lets you capture and search data using full-text optical character recognition (OCR) technology in the scanning process.

Additionally, Digiscribe offers in-house document management. This means your data is stored on your internal servers instead of on the cloud. Last but not least, Digiscribe offers professional services to help you implement your document management system seamlessly.


Who Can Use Digiscribe?

While Digiscribe is a GSA Contract Holder, you don’t have to run a government agency in order to do business with them. Digiscribe offers services for accounting departments, HR departments, car dealerships, medical establishments, and others.

Where Digiscribe really stands out from the crowd is their ability and willingness to do the work for you. Using a document management system is easy, but switching to a paperless office is annoying and time-consuming. If you want to avoid the hassle of scanning all of your documents yourself, then you may be tempted to sign up with Digiscribe and have them do it for you.


Where Digiscribe Falls Short

Digiscribe seems to offer a well-rounded document management solution. But while they offer both cloud and offline storage as well as document workflows, it doesn’t look like they offer an audit trail or the ability to assign specific access based on user type. There is also no indication if it’s possible to share only specific files with third parties, such as clients.


What Does eFileCabinet Offer?

eFileCabinet offers a lot of the same things that Digiscribe has to offer when it comes to document management: eFileCabinet allows you to create workflows within the system, offers OCR technology to enable you to search the full text of your scanned documents, and affords you the ability to store your documents in the cloud or exclusively on your own servers. You can even combine cloud and local storage by keeping a backup in the cloud.


Both eFileCabinet and Digiscribe offer mobile document management and document workflows. But eFileCabinet doesn’t stop there. We offer a complete document management software (DMS) solution that goes a step further.


User-Based Access

eFileCabinet prioritizes data security by ensuring that only authorized individuals access your files. That’s why we offer user-based access. System administrators can create and designate roles for employees, making it easy to restrict access to sensitive files while still giving everyone access to what they need, such as corporate mission statements and policies.


Client Access

Many of eFileCabinet’s customers have customers of their own. Even after your company has switched to a paperless office, you may still need to share important files with customers or clients. Fortunately, eFileCabinet has a secure solution with our Secure Drawer Client Portal. It’s cheaper and quicker than sending documents overnight or by courier and features strong data encryption to keep your files secure.


Audit Trail

As part of our effort to keep your documents authentic and secure, eFileCabinet offers an audit trail feature. Audit trail functionality allows authorized high-level users to view how a document was created, edited, moved, archived, or deleted. This allows you to ensure that your employees are following company policy on managing electronic paperwork.


Where eFileCabinet Falls Short

eFileCabinet offers additional services, such as eSignature integration, that we didn’t mention in this article. Compared to Digiscribe, eFileCabinet certainly has more to offer to your company. However, one thing that eFileCabinet doesn’t do for you is scan your documents.


Fortunately, moving from filing cabinets to a paperless office is something you only have to do once. We’ll be glad to make it easier by helping you purchase a cost-effective and suitable scanner. And if you have a lot of documents that need to be scanned, you could also consider hiring temporary staff to help you get it done.

Whether you end up choosing Digiscribe, eFileCabinet, or another solution to your document management problems, now is the time to go paperless. If you have any questions about going paperless, please give us a call or chat with us. You can also fill out the form on this page to start your free 15-minute demo.