Thank you for selecting eFileCabinet for your document management needs. Please review the following information in preparation for your upcoming appointment with eFileCabinet.


Implementation Appointment

This is an appointment to install and implement your newly-purchased eFileCabinet document management solution. A support representative will make every effort to contact you at the appointed time. Due to the unexpected issues that can come up, some appointments may run longer than others and we may be delayed. We should contact you within the hour of the scheduled appointment. We thank you for your patience and understanding.


User Account Permissions

We will need to establish a LogMeIn Rescue remote session into your server computer. If you do not have a dedicated server computer, you will need to select a computer to act as the eFileCabinet server. We recommend this computer be one of the newest and best performing systems in your office. We will be installing the eFileCabinet server and client software on this computer. Please be prepared by having the administrative login credentials or someone with these credentials familiar with logging into the computer available to assist our technician.

IMPORTANT: If you are not familiar with how to log into your server, please contact your IT representative to make sure you are able to login to the Server with admin rights.


Data Migration

You may currently have data or client files in another Document Management System (DMS) program. Before we can import data into eFileCabinet, your data must first be exported from your current DMS program into a Windows folder structure. In order to reduce any DMS downtime or any negative impacts to productivity, we advise that you export the DMS data prior to the implementation appointment. Exporting data from your current DMS can take a significant amount of time. Please plan accordingly.

If you would like assistance with exporting data out of your DMS program, a pre-implementation consultation can be arranged with one of our Implementation Technicians. The technician can perform an analysis of your DMS and data and provide some general assistance in exporting the data.

If you’re unable to complete the DMS export prior to your scheduled appointment, we will need to initiate a remote session into a computer that has the DMS program installed in order to use its “Export” utility and finish the export. If this is installed on your server, great! If not, we will need to work on a workstation that has the program installed.

Once your data has been exported, the next step will be for the eFileCabinet Implementation Technician to import the data collection into the eFileCabinet program. This process can also take a significant amount of time depending on the amount of data that will be imported and the system specifications of your server.

IMPORTANT: Once the export is started, you should stop storing data into your current DMS software as further work and updated files will not be included in the import into eFileCabinet.



You will be asked for a location to store the data for your eFileCabinet program. You will need to make sure that you include this directory in any backup solution currently in place. You will also need to include the following directory for your program files in your backup solution:


This directory contains information critical to your software. You will be required to click on a notification that you have read and understand this message at the end of the server installation.


Training and Customer Support

As part of your purchase and subscription with eFileCabinet you have access to numerous training and support resources through our eFileCabinet Support site. These resources include helpful and informative training videos, knowledge base articles, live training sessions, and responsive phone, chat, and email support. Please feel free to familiarize yourself with these resources in preparation for your implementation appointment.

We hope this information will help answer questions and prepare you for your upcoming appointment. If you do have any questions related to these procedures, please let us know beforehand so we can address them before the appointment.

Thank you again for choosing eFileCabinet. We look forward to speaking with you and implementing your eFileCabinet program.

eFileCabinet Implementation Services