In this training video we cover:

Accessing Documents: You can access documents instantly by searching for document names, folder names, searching a drawer, profiling, and indexing.

Profiling is the process of adding metadata to a document, profile, or drawer, allowing you to tag certain them with certain keywords which then become searchable.

Indexing is the process where all the words and characters within documents become searchable. Our OCR engine allows a physically scanned document to become indexed and thereby searchable. Once a document is indexed, any character or phrase within the document can be entered as a search term and eFileCabinet will find it for you.

Also in this training we cover security, liability, and Federal compliance. One of our features for protecting information is role based security.

With role based security, each profile and drawer can be given a security clearance. This will restrict the access certain profiles will have to information which is critical for ensuring that we stay HIPAA, FINCRA, and FEC compliant.

The remainder of the tutorial then goes on to show how to navigate through the site and highlights some of eFileCabinet’s time and effort saving features.

As a company, eFileCabinet started with one goal in mind: To provide simple to use but focused software solutions for helping our customers manage their files more efficiently and increase profits. eFileCabinets offers three main products, eFileCabinet (desktop version) eFileCabinet online (online version)