In this overview we discuss some of the basic structures and features of eFileCabinet that helps make this one of the leading document management systems on the market today.

Our most basic level of organization is the cabinet. You can have an unlimited number of cabinets and within those cabinets are drawers. Drawers are usually assigned to a particular individual, and within drawers are folders, containing documents and sometimes sub folders.

Setting up this structure is quick and easy with predefined templates.

To make things go even faster
, thanks to profiling, you don’t have to actually navigate through your cabinet structure every time you want to find a document. You can simply search for the name of a document or tags attached to a document.

OCR (optical character recognition) and indexing is the technology that makes searching for text within a document within documents possible, saving time and frustration with recalling documents quickly.

The last feature, role based securities, can be applied to profiles and cabinets and allows only the appropriate and authorized individuals to be able to view confidential documents. This makes dealing with HiPAA, FINRA, and the FEC very easy.