Has your company embraced electronic document management? There are lots of advantages to switching to a paperless office, including decreased costs and increased productivity. But you have to find the right DMS solution for your business. In this article, we’ll explore DataBank IMX Document Management and eFileCabinet. We’ll compare the two companies and the solutions they offer to help you choose the one that’s right for your organization.


What DataBank Offers

DataBank specializes in transforming your paper documents into digital files. Whether you’re dealing with contracts, employee paperwork, images, applications, medical records, general correspondence, or other paperwork, DataBank helps you convert your paper documents into electronic ones.


Document Scanning

Scanning your documents is probably the most time-consuming part of moving to a paperless office. DataBank takes care of that for you. Not only will they scan all of your files to help you make the conversion, but they’ll continue scanning your documents for you.

You can even get your files picked up from your facility on a daily basis. And once DataBank has your files, they’ll be scanned and uploaded within 24 hours.


Data Entry

DataBank offers manual or optical character recognition (OCR) data entry that eliminates the need for you to spend hours in converting your paper documents to digital files.


Hosting Your Files

DataBank will host your files for you via DataBank Online Services, but will also help you integrate your files into your own business application if you prefer to host the data yourself.


How DataBank Can Assist Your Business

If you have a lot of paperwork that needs to be scanned, optimized, or entered manually, then you don’t have to do this work yourself. DataBank converts over 1 billion images alone each year. DataBank can even handle 16MM and 35MM microfilm processing for you. And if you have any documents of unusual size, DataBank has a scanner that will work for them.


Where DataBank Falls Short

DataBank offers document conversion services but not a full document management system. DataBank offers document storage on their servers or transfers the files back to you. If you need someone to scan and digitize all of your files for you, then DataBank can help. But if you want to manage your documents (and we highly recommend you do), then you need another solution.


What eFileCabinet Offers

eFileCabinet is document management software (DMS) that helps you create, manage, and archive your documents effectively and efficiently. While eFileCabinet does not convert your paper documents to electronic files for you, we can help you with the process by selecting the appropriate scanner for your needs.


Secure and Accessible File Storage

eFileCabinet stores your files securely on your servers, in the cloud, or both. We keep your files secure by providing a backup for your backup. We use data encryption to transfer files securely, too. And as an additional layer of security, we help you set up user-based access. Only authorized individuals can access specific files. Last but not least, you can access all of your files from any device with an Internet connection, including a laptop, tablet, or phone.


Increase Productivity with eFileCabinet’s DMS Solution

eFileCabinet embraces the paperless office and creates document workflows to increase your employee productivity and satisfaction. Instead of doing mindless paperwork, employees follow the workflow to get priority work done, and supervisors stay in the loop about what their employees are doing.


Follow Your Document Management Policies

Your company will certainly have document management policies in place regarding the creation, approval, alteration, archiving, and deletion of documents. Our document workflow ensures that these policies are followed. eFileCabinet even allows you to archive documents on an automated schedule. And our audit trail helps you verify the authenticity of your documents at any given moment.


Integrate with Other Software Solutions

eFileCabinet is there to help you streamline your operations. In order to improve your employee productivity, eFileCabinet integrates with other software solutions, including but not limited to Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, and Salesforce.

Instead of leaving the application to find, edit, retrieve, transfer, or save a document, your employees have access to your files inside of the program they’re using. And now that they no longer have to spend a lot of time switching between applications, you may see their productivity soar.


DataBank IMX Document Management vs. eFileCabinet

DataBank and eFileCabinet both provide services in regards to your paper documents. However, they don’t offer the same things. DataBank helps your office go paperless while eFileCabinet helps you manage your electronic documents after the fact. If you need help scanning all of your files, then it might make sense to look into DataBank’s services. They could save you valuable hours of scanning, indexing, and organizing your files.


If your company is looking for an integrated approach to document management, then eFileCabinet has the most comprehensive solution of the two. Beyond online document storage, DataBank doesn’t really help you with your digital files. To see how eFileCabinet works, simply fill out the form on this page to start your free 15-minute demo.