When you’re using eFileCabinet, you can rest assured that your data is going to be safe and kept well-protected. To better understand how we secure and protect your data, here is a list of frequently asked security questions.

Q: Where is my data being housed and handled?

A: All data uploaded to Rubex is stored by Amazon Web Services in multiple locations across the US. When a document is uploaded into Rubex, it is sent to different locations that are also backed up.

Q: What level of encryption is used?

A: All data uploaded to Rubex is encrypted using 256-bit AES while both resting and in transit. We use an SSL/TLS connection to encrypt communications to ensure only the correct person can access that information.

Q:  How does security affect compliance?

Rubex by eFileCabinet provides the tools to become HIPPA, FINRA, and SOC compliant. Governance features are available so you can set retention dates and can automatically purge unnecessary data.

Q: What is multi-factor authentication?

A: To access data, you can set up multi-factor authentication by adding more than one step to log in. Some multi-factor authentication options include requiring the use of a mobile authenticator that generates a random code that only you can see.

Q: How can I access a SOC report?

A: All cloud-based customers must have an AWS account, where they can submit a request for a SOC report directly to Amazon. Start here: https://console.aws.amazon.com/artifact/home

What does all of this mean? It means Rubex by eFileCabinet is protecting your data 24/7 and is only accessible by those authorized to access it. We have created a customizable experience for you to access and store your data with the highest protection while helping you stay compliant and avoid liability.

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