Many companies realize the importance of reducing their carbon footprint. As the natural resources of the world continue to dwindle, there are many ways that individuals and companies can help the planet. By making certain changes, small business owners can reduce costs while also saving the environment.


Switch to Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

One of the easiest ways a company can reduce its electricity bills is to use energy efficient light bulbs. The two main choices are LED (light-emitting diode) and CFL (compact fluorescent lights). Although LED and CFL bulbs are initially more expensive than traditional light bulbs, these bulbs save energy and money over the long term.


Set Up a Carpool Program

According to statistics pulled together by the United Nations, each person in America accounts for approximately 20 tons of CO2 emissions yearly. On top of this, traveling by car depletes natural resources such as petroleum and oil. By establishing a carpooling scheme at your company, employees drive to work together while using their own cars less. Although it takes planning and organization, carpooling is an excellent way to reduce the carbon footprint of your employees.


Establish a Telecommuting Program

Another way to help the business as a whole cut down on your carbon footprint is to allow telecommuting whenever possible. Even if you only allow employees to work from home one day a week, it cuts their gas consumption. Plus you can cut back your spending on electricity and other utilities used by employees. This is especially feasible with companies that depend on computers for connection and communication.


Bring Your Own Mugs

Companies often supply staff with paper products such as cups for drinking water, tea, or coffee throughout the day. However, these paper cups result in a lot of waste. A better idea is to have everyone bring a mug to work. An energy efficient dishwasher can clean all the mugs each evening. Even if you supply the mugs for your employees, this will cut down your carbon footprint and save you money in the long run.


Create a Paperless Office

Many companies are drowning in paper. They make many copies of the same document and store them either on-site or off-site. To become more environmentally friendly, a business can reduce its dependency on paper by using a document management system. You can scan a document into the program, so there is always a copy available. By backing up the system and using disaster prevention applications, you never have to worry about losing important documents.


Have a Recycling Center

Both large and small companies can recycle aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastic, cardboard boxes, newspapers, and magazines. By setting up a recycling area or putting a blue recycling bin in every office or on every floor, a company can collect items that can then be reused and recycled.


Replace Old Equipment

The latest models of standard office equipment are energy efficient. When it is time to replace old office equipment, purchase models that have the Energy Star rating. With newer copiers, printers, and scanners in the office, less energy is used. Another option is to buy used equipment that is still in good condition.

There are several things a small business can do to reduce its carbon footprint. By implementing a few environmentally conscious practices in the office, a small business can help to preserve the environment for future generations. What steps are you taking to cut your carbon footprint?